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  • Call/Contact Center Strategic Assessment

    The Strategic Assessment is an essential ‘health check’ for your Contact Center. At Taylor Reach, we take a hands-on, “holistic” approach when our clients seek our assistance, examining all of the relevant aspects and elements of the Contact/Call Center related to our engagement. We uncouple the... Read More
  • Snapshotz™

    Snapshotz™ Audit takes an indicative approach as it is a self-directed assessment of the Call Center/ Contact Center. Snapshotz™ Online is the world's first and only SaaS-based call center audit tool. Snapshotz™ assesses your call center or contact center across 8 categories, 29 sub-categories,... Read More
  • Customer Experience (CX) Evaluation

    Taylor Reach will optimize your centers’ CX through observing, quantifying and benchmarking the customer journey as it engages with the Contact Center. We will use 12 key factors to determine the effects of Contact Center interactions from the customers’ point of view. Each factor is assigned a... Read More

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    Customers are the best source for understanding the Customer Experience, and there are a number of sophisticated methods for gathering their feedback. Some companies have large departments dedicated to Customer Experience and analysis of customer opinion. But what if you’re a Customer... Read more

    The agents on the frontline want to help customers. They want to resolve issues, and to deliver the desired customer experience and the brand promise. Doing these things results in happier customers and happier agents (as they were dealing with happy customers). Not providing the tools to enable... Read more
  • Keeping Workers Safe and Productive (When the Contact Center Can’t Close) By

    If you asked any contact center manager two months ago about their business continuity plan, they’d likely opine on their facility’s readiness to address just about any emergency scenario. These same managers have seen their expertise and resolve put to the test in recent weeks due to COVID-19.... Read more

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