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  • Lettershop

    Polaris Direct’s team of qualified lettershop technicians and the latest, most innovative equipment ensure high efficiency, fast turnaround, and on-budget results. Our high-volume lettershop attains a capacity of 1.5 million direct mail pieces daily. We offer… - Roll-to-fold processing using... Read More
  • Strategic Marketing Services

    A bundled solution, our Strategic Marketing Services team provides a value-added consultancy centered around the effective use of data to improve campaign ROI. When combined with our creative and technology services, data can be used to send exactly the right message to the right person—every... Read More
  • Pre-production Planning

    Our experienced sales team works closely with our clients’ creative and production departments to develop successful mail campaigns. Through creative consultation, we offer print and manufacturing format options, as well as mock-ups with paper stock options. This process ensures postal... Read More

Content by Polaris Direct

  • Pragmatic Personalization: Being Direct in an Age of Relevant Marketing By

    Customers and prospects are exposed to 5,000 advertising messages a day, or more. Marketers have long known that addressing them by name, and tailoring communications to their circumstances, offers a better shot at “connecting” with individuals through all that noise, generating leads, making... Read more
  • Printing A New Plan For Direct Marketers How and Why Inkjet is Key to Your Company’s Future Success By

    While the benefits of inkjet technology are many — shortened project turnaround times, unlimited versioning, cost savings — its primary value lies in the ability to personalize messaging. Inkjet offers the opportunity for brands to achieve one-to-one dialog with customers and prospects, which is... Read more
  • USPS Informed Delivery: Get More From Your Mail By

    While nothing can replace the tactile value of hard copy mail, you can now communicate digitally with direct mail. Yes, the United States Postal Service has gone digital. With Informed Delivery, online marketing efforts can now be connected with printed mail by providing residential consumers a... Read more