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Advanced Video Collaboration for the Mobile Workforce

Turn online video meetings into rewarding experiences by integrating High Definition Video Conferencing, Social Enterprise Managment, and "Business Process"

Instant Enterprise-Wide Deployment • 100% Browser Based • PC and Mac Compatible • High Def Video

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Products by Jell Networks, Inc.

By Jell Networks, Inc.

StaffBio provides companies with the ability to instantly create stunning web landing pages to showcase their employees' expertise. The landing page is "branded" to reflect the client's website and url. With StaffBio you can instantly create a landing page for your sales team, customer support... Read more »

By Jell Networks, Inc.

Our innovative use of social media techniques eliminates telephone tag and quickly gets two business professionals who don’t know each other to focus on the deal/sale. Our Intelligent Call Scheduling™ app uses a business executive’s social markers to establish trust and credibility prior to a... Read more »