Financial Institution Appoints Contact Center Consultancy

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Vendor agnostic, Customer Experience (CX) and Contact Center consulting firm, The Taylor Reach Group, Inc. (TRG), today announced they will be assisting one of the largest financial institutions in Western Canada with their technology acquisition process.

Taylor Reach will assist the financial institution in analyzing the many, varied and complex Contact Center technologies to ensure that the technology selected will optimize customer experience while being easily integrated with the financial firm’s current technologies.

CEO, Colin Taylor, says, “Our technology acquisition program will transform our client’s customer experience and customer satisfaction delivered through their Contact Center. The technology solution will not only meet their organizational needs for today but also proof the center for the future.”

Taylor Reach principals have assisted hundreds of organizations in assessing their technology and telephony needs from a vendor-agnostic stand-point. The consulting firm has helped companies across various verticals, to source telephony platforms, IVR platforms and services, workforce management, email management, chat management, SMS and CRM solutions.

“As consultants, the only organization paying us should be our clients. We recommend the best solutions for our clients and their unique requirements – one size does not fit all. Deep industry connections and our on-going vendor education program ensures Taylor Reach remains current on CX and Contact Center technology innovations and approaching changes.” said Taylor. “Being vendor- agnostic, our focus lies solely on identifying, sourcing and acquiring solutions to meet our client’s needs and requirements. Our technology acquisition projects are unique and based on our clients’ functional, operational and financial objectives.”

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