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About MediaBrains Inc.

Our platform powers sites in over 20 markets and reveals how businesses make complex purchase decisions. These unique insights enable us to create effective audience segments and help marketers improve outcomes.

Buyers need help making buying decisions:
Highly considered business purchases involve many decision makers and follow a nonlinear path, making it a challenge for customers to make buying decisions.  To win sales deals, marketers must help buyers throughout the journey.

Buyers complete a set of tasks before making a decision:
Business buyers complete distinct tasks before making a purchase. Once a problem is identified, stakeholders explore solutions and develop requirements before developing a short-list of suppliers and working to build consensus.

Purchase ease matters:
Customers reward suppliers that make buying easier. That is why our Buyer Enablement Platform is so effective in helping companies win more sales deals.

Sellers have little opportunity to influence decisions:
Research finds that when businesses are considering a purchase, they spend most of their time researching independently online before speaking to a salesperson.

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By MediaBrains Inc.

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By MediaBrains Inc.

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By MediaBrains Inc.

Connecting high value content with active buyers. Generate qualified leads by leveraging your high-value content. We deliver marketing qualified leads in any volume. Your high value content will be promoted to your target audience across a vast B2B publisher network. Leads are created and... Read more »

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