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Dominica – International Delivery

Postal services are suspended in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

Puerto Rico & The U.S. Virgin Islands

The Postal Service has begun providing access to PO Box mail and package pickup services at some of its offices in Puerto Rico. Also, the USPS is providing limited mail handout service in St. John and St. Thomas. In addition, limited handout mail service could begin in St. Croix tomorrow.

Dominican Republic Mail Service

Hurricane Maria damaged much of the country’s infrastructure. As a result, all postal service have been suspended in the aftermath.

Saint Barthélemy

As a result of the hurricane, all addresses with postcode 97133: no postal services available until further notice.

Saint Martin

The hurricane has resulted in many flight cancellations, delays and road closures. As a result, there are problems with mail transportation,international delivery, and inbound and outbound processing operations at Princess Juliana International Airport. Due to the hurricane, all addresses with postcode 97150: no postal services available until further notice.


All other postcodes starting with 971: operations heavily impacted. Expect delays in international delivery services in most areas.


There has been an impact to Flights reaching Martinique, but postal services are available. Expect delays and disruptions to all postcodes starting with 972.

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