Canon USA Garners 2015 NAB ACE Award

Press Release from MC²

Chestnut Ridge, NY, April 24, 2015  — MC² is delighted to announce that its long-time client, Canon USA, has won the prestigious 2015 NAB ACE award for large booths.

ACE means Awesome Cool Exhibit. The award recognizes NAB Show exhibitors for their innovations in booth design and execution. Ace Award judging criteria rests on:

  • Creativity : use of color, sound, light and other creative elements
  • Effectiveness : how well the booth draws in and engages the visitor?
  • Overall structure : quality of the build and innovative use of materials
  • Peer review : overall “look and feel” as judged by other Exhibitors

Canon’s mission at NAB was to provide real-time experiences using Canon cameras, lenses and imaging products along with advanced digital applications for movie production, television production, news-gathering, and photography professionals.

The 12,000 square foot exhibit was produced by MC², an exhibit company in Chestnut Ridge, NY. The exhibit offered visitors a real-world experience with HD, 4K and 8K digital production workflows, production editing suites and color grading as well as a 100-seat 4K theater experience. More than 85 Canon cameras and lenses were showcased in hands-on displays, shooting at three large-scale dioramas lit to studio standards. A presentation stage hosted cinematographers and videographers who presented their work and shared their experiences with Canon products.

Part of this year’s success at NAB can be attributed to Canon’s more than 25-year relationship with MC². The exhibit company has deep of understanding of Canon technology and the marketing objectives of a leading global brand in experiential environments. By building an exhibit inventory over time, and repurposing for large-scale shows, MC² has been able to manage Canon’s budget dollars to increase the level of technical detail and sophistication as witnessed at NAB.

In announcing the award to the NAB exhibit team, Michael Trimarco, Canon USA’s Director of Marketing Services said, “It’s a very hard award to win. Canon has never won before. We’re extremely proud that this years NAB booth has won the ACE award.”

For photos of the winning exhibit, visit MC² on Pinterest.

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