MC2 Releases “The Generational Marketing Balancing Act: Now We Are Six”

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Chestnut Ridge, NY (September 18, 2013) – MC2 ("MC-squared" - ) recently released "The Generational Marketing Balancing Act: Now We Are Six," a white paper that frames new marketing challenges and considerations for engaging customers and consumers in one or all of today's six living generations.  

"Now We Are Six" highlights the shift of influence across generations and the evolving digital landscape that is changing the way information and content is consumed. The report offers a deeper look into the unique characteristics and different engagement preferences for all generations - from 18-80 years old.

"Today's marketing professionals face challenges previously unheard of, even in recent years. They must consider the issues of rapidly changing technology and the best ways to reach not just one or two generations but six," said Rob Murphy, MC2's Chief Marketing Officer. "MC2 released "Now We Are Six" to help marketers navigate through this brave new world of marketing."

Highlights from Now We Are Six include:

  • Content marketing is the single most significant digital marketing trend of 2013. (Source: Adobe survey)
  • Gen Z's take digital wireless devices for granted – they are always connected. In fact, their mobile phones are considered the ‘Everything Hub'. (Source: "Gen Z:Digital in their DNA," JWT)
  • While spending vast amounts of time online, Millennials do believe in face-to-face contact. According to a recent CIER study, 61% of Millennials aged 18-27 believe that exhibits at exhibitions, conventions and annual meetings are more valuable today than they were two years ago. That's the highest percentage of any generation.
  • Making up 42% of the workforce and teeming with entrepreneurs, Gen X'ers will be major facilitators of change over the next few years. They are highly connected on the go, with nearly 95% using mobile phones, and 60.3% of that group using smart phones. In 2012, 38.4 million Gen Xers, or 62.2% of Gen X mobile users, used the mobile internet at least monthly. That accounts for three in 10 mobile internet users in the U.S. (eMarketer, March 2013).

According to the report, in a sense, everyone has become a "digital native" when it comes to consumer awareness and customer service. In order to effectively reach target audiences, marketers not only have to understand the unique generational nuances of their ideal customers, but, most importantly, how they are using digital. Smart marketers are planning initiatives around this new digital reality.

The white paper is complimentary and can be downloaded from:  

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