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Dover, NH — February 25, 2014

VXi Corporation (www.VxiCorp.com) introduced the latest in a long line of essential hands-free innovations today, the VXi ConneXt PC/Phone Switch. Easy to set up and use, the ConneXt is designed to let you use one headset with both your desk phone and PC.

Meeting the demands of today’s workplace. With the ever-increasing popularity of PC audio applications, from softphone to speech recognition, more and more headset users have to choose between two less-than-perfect options. You can use two headsets, one for the phone and one for the PC. Or you can buy a USB adapter, and waste valuable time repeatedly unplugging your headset, attaching the adapter and plugging it into your PC, every time you switch. ConneXt is the smart alternative for you! A few simple connections (cables are included), and you can seamlessly move from phone to PC, at the flick of a switch.

“Our new ConneXt switch is the easy, convenient solution for people who use a headset for both their phone and PC—or would like to,” said Mike Ferguson, president and CEO of VXi. “As demonstrated by the accelerating adoption of Unified Communications, multi-point communication is becoming more prevalent. With our sound quality superiority and forward-thinking, need-based products like ConneXt, VXi is positioned to be a major player in the UC space.”

What are the key benefits of the ConneXt PC/Phone Switch? ConneXt users enjoy a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Use one headset for both your PC and desk phone.
  • Easily switch between PC (softphone, Skype, etc.) and desk phone calls.
  • Compatibility with most phone types.
  • Boost microphone volume , if needed, when used with desk phone.
  • Keep your current headset —All brands of quick disconnect styles available.
  • Reduce clutter , thanks to ConneXt’s small footprint and tangle-free wiring.

The VXi ConneXt PC/Phone Switch details are available now, through VXi’s distributor and reseller partners . Complete details are available on the company’s website .  


About VXi Corporation:

VXi provides the best-performing headsets, telecommunications and speech recognition solutions for the benefit of mobile professionals, small and large businesses, and contact centers around the world. From Bluetooth® to Unified Communications, we’ve got you covered.  We meet the highest global standards for product quality and service, and back you with the industry’s best warranties. We design, market, sell and support our products from Dover, NH, and pride ourselves on delivering value, excellence and innovation. That is why VXi is The Sound Choice™. See for yourself at www.vxicorp.com .   Connect with us here https://www.facebook.com/VXiCorp, or here www.linkedin.com/company/vxi-corporation ; or follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/VXicorp.

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