RBMC Announces FCI's Verical In-Situ Flow Meter Calibration Video

Press Release from RB Marketing Communications

FCI’s VeriCal in-situ flow meter calibration video has been covered by Control Design after RBMC announced it.

The video demonstrates the VeriCal In-Situ Calibration System for the ST100 Series Flow Meter, which enables periodic field validation and verification of a flow meter’s measuring performance without extracting the meter from the pipe or process.

In the past, flow meters had to endure the cost and hassle of being pulled from the process, then returned to the manufacturer or a calibration lab for testing and then shipped back for re-installation. The Verical in-situ calibration solution can validate performance on-site in minutes and assist with compliance with ISO and local regulations.

Click here to see the video on the Control Design Web site.

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