RBMC Creates Web Demo to Launch Triad Magnetics C2 Split Pack™ Transformers

Press Release from RB Marketing Communications

Triad Magnetics C2 Split Pack™ Transformers  were launched with an RBMC created Web demo, publicity campaign and advertising.

RBMC created the attention-getting Web demo to explain quickly the key features, benefits and advantages of Triad’s C2 transformer, which set a new industry standard.  A publicity campaign and new boom box ad also were created by RBMC. The product was covered extensively in trade media, and the ad appeared on the home of page of Electronic Products.

Triad’s next-generation C2 PC Mount Split Pack Transformers feature rugged construction that meets UL5085 Class 2/3 requirements and include TUV approval for demanding applications around the globe. Their leading-edge bobbin design provides superior electrical performance combined with a new robust pin design for exceptional mechanical strength.

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