RBMC Launches Publicity Campaign for ECD’s S80 Sensor and T80 Transmitter

Press Release from RB Marketing Communications

When ECD’s S80 Sensor and T80 Transmitter launched, it saw wide coverage in the process trade media. 

The coverage was due in part to an RBMC publicity campaign.

The initial ECD product launch news release describes the unique features and benefits of the S80 Sensor and T80 Transmitter.  When combined they provide a powerful fluid analyzer solution that is versatile and economical.

The S80 and T80 are ideal for virtually all liquid industrial processes.  They are suitable for application in municipal potable water and wastewater treatment, biotech and pharmaceutical, chemical, food/beverage, oil/gas, power generation and semiconductor fabs.

Featuring a highly intelligent digital transmitter protocol, the virtually plug-and-play T80 Universal Transmitter simplifies process measurement.  It reduces maintenance costs for seven common industrial plant parameters: pH, ORP, specific ion, DO, turbidity, conductivity and resistivity.

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