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E&E Exhibit Solutions Offers Paperless Sales Literature Tool
Newly Developed Mobile Trade Show App for iPad Saves Money and Provides Measurable Data

(Tempe, AZ) January 8, 2012 – One of the greatest disposal expenses at a tradeshow is the cost of printing sales literature, brochures and flyers. Nomaic Media has developed the ultimate tool for trade show and event planners; a mobile iPad trade show app. Technology makes it possible to share up-to-the-minute product information sheets, video and sales literature specific to each prospect without the expense of printing and shipping materials to the trade show.

"We are excited to offer our customers this technological advancement that allows sales representatives to share product information sheets on their tablet, iPad or Smart Phone without incurring printing costs," said Daniel Chaddock, President of E&E Exhibit Solutions. "Additionally, as a business owner, a remarkable component of the iPad app for trade shows is the ability to measure the effectiveness of the online sales brochures and product videos."

The marketing video from Nomadic Media quotes the fact that over 70% of all printed materials distributed at trade shows quickly become trash. Sales apps for iPads eliminate the need for companies to print and ship large quantities of sales literature to their trade show event. Instead, the sales representative can quickly email the prospect with the appropriate sales information and links to product videos.

In addition to the cost savings, immediacy of delivery and the ability to track which product sheets are opened the most frequently, companies using the trade show app for iPads and mobile phones maintain brand uniformity on all marketing materials across product lines. 

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