5 Ways Touch Screen Kiosks are Revolutionizing the Consumer Experience

Press Release from E&E Exhibit Solutions

(Tempe, AZ) April 22, 2013 – Touch screen kiosks, recently announced by E&E Exhibit Solutions of Tempe, Arizona, are changing the face of business meetings, patient exams and dining experiences. Touch screen kiosks are multi-touch screen and flush mounted into a customizable interactive kiosk, offering a myriad of possible uses.

"We are excited to be one of the few businesses offering companies this state-of-the-art interactive media technology," said Cynthia Chaddock, Marketing Director and CFO of E&E Exhibit Solutions. "Since the Touch screen kiosks are customizable, we are seeing great success in boardrooms, exam rooms, nightclubs and classrooms. The possibilities are limitless."

Although new in the market of interactive technology solutions, Touchscreen kiosks are already being successfully utilized in five distinctly different industries. Following are five ways interactive technology is changing the consumer experience:

  1. Touchscreen Kiosks For Healthcare Professionals. Together, physicians and patients use Touch Screen Kiosks to view x-rays, health records, videos of surgical procedures, physical therapy treatments and more.
  2. Touchscreen Kiosks For Hospitality Professionals . Patrons can examine menus, place orders, play games and access social media with new interactive kiosks.
  3. Touchscreen Kiosks For Corporate Professionals . Collaboration is the key word for boardroom meetings that utilize the interactive kiosks. Video chats, Internet research and multiple person interaction change the productivity of meetings.
  4. Touchscreen Kiosks For Education Professionals. Higher education institutions find the information kiosks to elevate the learning experience, incorporating Internet research with the benefits of connecting multiple computers and brainstorming using the Whiteboard application.
  5. Touchscreen Kiosks For Retail Professionals. Retailers use the tabletop kiosks to showcase products, access merchandise catalogs and spotlight company videos. Place at location entryways, the Touch Screen Kiosks draw prospects in a retail location helping to turn shoppers into buyers.

E&E Exhibit Solutions consults with businesses interested in learning more about how the Touch Screen Kioskscan benefit their company. For more information about the Touchscreen kiosks, contact the sales department of E&E Exhibit Solutions by calling 800-709-6935.

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