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  • Unified Communications By Intrado

    Unified Communications (UC) combines conferencing, messaging and telephony so you can reach people and be reached more easily. Read More
  • US Address Hygiene By Data Services, Inc.

    US Address Hygiene with CASS Certification Data Services uses cutting edge technology and custom built algorithms to standardize and perform data hygiene processes on addresses in order to increase deliverability. Our address hygiene systems also assist in identifying undeliverable addresses... Read More
  • US NCOA Services By Data Services, Inc.

    US National Change of Address (NCOA) Services Keep track of your Best Customers and ensure compliance with USPS regulations. A consolidated data file of mover information spanning the last 48 months. Each data record contains the relocating postal customer’s name along with an old and new... Read More
  • Usability Design and Testing By Antics Digital Marketing

    As a full-service digital agency specializing in the development of data-driven interactive marketing programs and custom web, mobile and social solutions, Antics provides usability design and testing services to clients creating customized apps, products, web sites, and content programs.... Read More
  • Usability Testing By Magic Logix , Inc.

    You want your customers to find it easy to do business with you. If they are frustrated on your website, they may leave and never return. Click! Usability testing is like a visit to the doctor for a physical; you want to make sure all the systems are working, as they should. Like having your... Read More
  • User Engagement Strategy By WebMetro

    Clients experience unmatched results from our ability to increase user engagement because we address the unique needs and wants of consumers and ensure industry-specific and general best practices are part of every user engagement project. Our ability to understand each brand's user personas... Read More