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  • Radio Advertising By Radio Direct Response

    Since 1993, 100% of The Radio Agency's focus has been on all forms of Sound Advertising. Direct Response and Branding advertisers trust The Radio Agency to write and produce radio commercials that inspire action, plan and place ad campaigns that get noticed and measure and manage results to... Read More
  • Read Generation - A Corporate Blogging Service By Backbone Media, Inc.

    Read Generation is a Blog Content Writing and Content Optimization service offered by Backbone Media. Learn how blog writing from Read Generation helps businesses use SEO content to connect with their target audience and generate more leads. We are a network of Search Engine Optimization... Read More
  • ReadiMetrix By PivotLink Corporation

    Business fundamentals matter now more than ever – but getting to the core metrics FAST is also critical to your success. How can you find the fastest path to improving your core metrics and drive bottom line results for your business? If you are looking for quick wins, ReadiMetrix was built for... Read More
  • Real Time Marketing Automation Software By Antics Digital Marketing

    Antics DMS is a robust marketing automation platform to rapidly deploy unique, real-time, cross-channel marketing programs and synchronize data with your existing systems. Designed with a unique non-linear architecture, it powers marketing programs that nurture prospects, communicate with... Read More
  • Real Time Marketing software By Optify

    Optify helps marketing and sales professionals generate qualified leads through web search and social media and focus sales efforts to close more deals with easy to use, Real-Time Marketing suite. Optify’s integrated hosted service enables professional marketers to find and track target... Read More
  • RealTime By KSC Kreate

    Developed by KSC Kreate, this unique work-flow model offers clients an integrated process that allows them to follow creative development from start to finish. As brands and products come through our system, they are captured and tracked, edited and retouched, prepared and deployed to any... Read More
  • Real-Time Reporting By Topica, Inc.

    Track opens and clicks of every subscriber for every link on every campaign - rich information at your fingertips! Also monitor your hard and soft bounces, unsubscribes and complaints from inside the Topica application. Experience the Topica Email Marketing soultion today! Read More
  • Record Appending By MarketNet Services , LLC

    We offer inline contact data appending services if you want to help leads complete your contact form correctly. These appends can be visible to the lead while they are on your site, or we can append data after they submit the form. Fields that are typically appended include: Annual... Read More
  • Relationship Marketing By elevation marketing

    Long-term customer loyalty is built through contextual marketing relationships. Our capabilities enable us to effectively incorporate interactive, one-to-one communications that speak to the real needs of your audience members, so they trust you and support you loyally. Read More
  • Relevant Website Content By GNA Marketing Group

    The relevancy of content on your website to the keywords and search terms your target customer use is a critical component for search engine rankings. The quality and quantity of your copy content is the driving force. Relevant optimized content maximizes keyword use leading to higher... Read More
  • RemiMount-S Mounting Adhesive By Remington Laminations Incorporated

    This is our signature product. It is a double-sided, self-wound pressure-sensitive permanent high tack mounting adhesive with one silicone release liner. RemiMount S is an all-purpose cold mounting adhesive formulated to give excellent hold-down strength on substrates such as foam or... Read More
  • RemiWrite-2 ® Dry Erase Laminating Film By Remington Laminations Incorporated

    RemiWrite-2® is manufactured with a high gloss surface featuring a dry erasable write-on/wipe-off capability while maintaining excellent graphic enhancement. RemiWrite-2 is ideal for creation of legal graphics, menu boards, dry erase calendars and versatile dry erase boards. It is an ideal... Read More
  • Renters & First-Time Home Buyers Lists By Dataman Group Direct

    Lists of First-Time Home Buyers, General Renters and Renters with ME Score are top response databases designed to reach prospective home & condo buyers. The database the Dataman Group List Pros will suggest depends on the price point, location & type of community. Read More
  • Reporting By MarketNet Services , LLC

    When it comes to sales, you need to see the big picture. That’s why incommand contains a variety of reports that you can use to measure your team’s progress by lead, survey, and campaign. Select from a range of graphic-rich reports, pick parameters, such as date or territory, and generate... Read More
  • Reporting & SEM analytics By SearchForce, Inc.

    A big picture view of your campaign, plus detailed reports Consolidated reporting across multiple accounts and search engines Customized report types and views, by account, search engine, campaign, ad group, keyword/placement or creative performance Report templates you can customize and... Read More
  • Reporting, Analysis and Measurement By Direct2Market Sales Solutions LLC

    Understanding and reporting on the information in the database is one of the most critical components of any program. Direct2Market Sales Solutions maintains a proprietary systems architecture designed to provide clients real time on-line reporting. The reporting interface is a dash board of... Read More
  • Reports By Optify

    Insights from day one In the world of online marketing, measuring ROI is critical. We provide you with easy to read reports to get feedback about what is working. Our standard reports will bring new insights as they focus on what matters most: how well your online marketing is translating into... Read More
  • Reports & Reviews By BCC Research

    BCC publishes over 100 market research studies annually. A BCC report provides important statistical and analytical information on markets, applications, industry structure, major players, market shares, industry dynamics, technology and technology shifts, and international developments with... Read More
  • Reputation Management Services By Digital Firefly Marketing

    Reputation Management Services are critical in order for you and your organization to maintain your current standing on search engines like Google. With a reputation management company like Digital Firefly in your corner, you can be assured that we will take a comprehensive approach to ensure... Read More
  • Reputation Monitoring By Fathom | Online Marketing

    Is your company's online reputation being threatened by negative publicity? When you search for your company's name, products or services online, do you find negative search results? Fathom SEO's online reputation monitoring (ORM) services can help. Our SEO experts can help your company... Read More
  • Research By Strategic Domain - Web survey PIIR competitive analysis reports Qualitative & quantitative research studies and focus groups Brand equity analysis and competitive audits Usability and creative testing Read More
  • Research By Godfrey

    Market research opens the door to knowing your customers – their exact wants and needs. It enables you to craft a message that speaks directly to them, so you’re not only retaining the customers you have, but you’re also gaining new business. At Godfrey, research plays an integral role in all... Read More
  • Research + Metrics Analysis By LeapFrog Interactive

    + Consumer Research, Insights and Target Market Analysis + Demographic, Geographic, Psychographic and Behavioral Research + Media Research, Analysis and Strategy Development + Benchmarking, Multi-variant and A/B Split Testing and Optimization + Site, Mobile, Social and... Read More
  • Research, Consulting & Related Offerings By Frost & Sullivan

    Frost & Sullivan offers growth solutions that pack a powerful one-two punch: Our disciplined research empowers your team with the knowledge to make intelligent decisions, and our best practices ensure your execution is creative, cost effective, and efficient. Many clients start with our Growth... Read More
  • Reservationless Video By InterCall

    InterCall’s Reservationless Video is the industry’s first truly reservationless video conferencing service. No reservations are necessary so you get quality service on our proven platform with a video-on-demand experience. With the touch of a button on your video remote control, you have the... Read More
  • Response Lists By US Data Corporation

    The difference between “junk mail” and targeted mail list offers is in a large part due to the mailing list. Using an accurate response list can mean the difference between a huge return on your ROI and one that doesn’t even cover the postage cost. Our specialty is being able to find mailing... Read More
  • Response Templates for Microsoft Outlook By Lookout Software LLC

    Response Templates for Microsoft Outlook (works with Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010) is an intuitive addin that allows you to create and store email templates used for replying to frequently repeated email questions with a single click. Using an easy to retrieve folder storage system built... Read More
  • Restaurant Business Plans By Accessible Business, LLC

    Restaurant Business Plans are different than other business plans and we have quite a bit of experience creating successful restaurant business plans. If you've realized that you need professional and experienced assistance to help your restaurant succeed, then let our restaurant business plan... Read More
  • Retention and Advocacy/Loyalty Marketing Solutions By Babcock & Jenkins

    Many of BNJ's programs focus as much on retention, growth and loyalty of existing customers as acquiring new prospects. To grow customers into loyal brand champions, Babcock Jenkins uses primary and secondary research to help the modern marketer focus on strategies and tactics that add value and... Read More
  • Retention and Winback By Darwill

    Keeping a current client engaged is always less expensive than finding a new customer. Utilize Darwill's flexible manufacturing environment to produce just in time personalized marketing campaigns and fulfillment projects to let your customers know that you know them and want to keep them as... Read More
  • Retractable Promotional Earphones By Premier Promotional Products

    Retractable Earphones Printed With Your Company Logo! Comes in PVC Housing. Simply Push the Button to Rewind and Securely Store Earphones, Preventing them from Getting Tangled. These are also Available in Black. Read More
  • Return on Marketing (Marketing ROI) By Marketing Operations Partners

    To quantify the results of your marketing investments, emphasize effectiveness, not just volume; provide a holistic view, to prevent side-swiping your overall objectives; connect to corporate objectives, not isolated endeavors; and test cause-and-effect, to refine assumptions. How we can help... Read More
  • Return Path Blacklist By Return Path , Inc.

    The Return Path Reputation Network Blacklist is compiled using a predictive model that analyzes up to 600 variables for each sending IP address. The model is unique because it incorporates real time data elements including feedback loop data reported by consumers from millions of mailboxes... Read More
  • Return Path Certification By Return Path , Inc.

    The Certification Program Promises Enhanced Inbox Placement Return Path’s exclusive whitelist program is available through our certification services. Join our network of trust and gain access to the largest, broadest and most respected whitelist in the email universe, covering more than 1.8... Read More
  • Return Path Certification Referral Program By Return Path , Inc.

    Reduce False Positives and Deliver the Right Mail Return Path offers two different whitelists to help you quickly identify mailers and make informed decision on how you treat their mail. Return Path Certified list: Quickly identify the very best senders and reduce false positive rates... Read More
  • Revenue Marketing Transformation / Demand Generation Solution Services By Pedowitz Group

    The Pedowitz Group (TPG) is an award-winning Revenue Marketing Agency with a proven track record for measurable customer ROI. Since 2007, TPG has been helping enterprise clients transform their marketing organizations from cost centers to revenue centers by assessing and optimizing six... Read More
  • Revenue Marketing: Email & Marketing Automation By HiveMind Marketing, Inc.

    If you struggle with tracking the ROI of campaigns, can't integrate marketing with your company CRM, or are restricted to single, one-way email blasts, then you need to take a closer look at HiveMind Marketing’s Revenue Marketing program. We can help you implement an integrated, on-demand... Read More
  • Revenue Optimization - Up-Sell/Cross-Sell By teleNetwork, Inc.

    Uncovering and capturing new revenue from your existing customer base represents nearly 80% of new revenue opportunities. Compared to the cost of acquisition of a new customer, implementing strong up-sell and cross-sell campaign strategies can lead to exponential growth quarter after... Read More
  • Reviews – Reputation By DrDDS Dental Marketing Agency

    Overview: Automated Review System to Gather Feedback Create 5 Star Reviews Share On Social and Websites Deliver VOC Analytics How it works: You provide customer data We customize an email to your customers asking for review Your customers write reviews 4 and 5 star reviews are automatically... Read More
  • Rhapsody Comprehensive Software Suite By Imergia, Inc.

    The Rhapsody suite consists of a set of applications that provide everything you need to manage and execute your fundraising strategies. From single campaigns to call centers handling dozens of campaigns simultaneously, Rhapsody offers an extremely flexible and customizable set of functionality... Read More
  • Rich Media; Digital Banners, Rich Media Games, Applications By LACED Interactive

    LACED Interactive, A Strategic Digital Agency. Rich Media w/performance driven digital behind it. All within your budget. Give us a call today (310) 316-1962 or visit us online at ---------------------------------------------- 5-Second Pitch LACED Interactive Agency... Read More
  • ROI Customer Lifecycle Marketing By Right On Interactive

    Right On Interactive’s (ROI) Customer Lifecycle Marketing™ automation software solution delivers insight into customer and prospect engagement, automates marketing campaigns and graphically shows the progress of every individual, or organization, along their brand journey. ROI's platform... Read More
  • ROI Solutions By Pulsecast Solutions Group

    In the ever-changing world, Pulsecast has developed a well-tested three-step methodology for creating marketing and Internet strategies designed with people in mind. We first take the time to understand your business. Then we evaluate and analyze the environment you do business in. And finally,... Read More
  • Root Loud’s e4 By Root Loud

    A new kind of multimedia software that enables video, video transcript and related materials to be presented in a fashion where the audience can see, hear and engage. We invite a speaker, teacher or coach to share their life's work and content. e4 is great for those authors, speakers and... Read More
  • Root Loud's E-Learning Library By Root Loud

    Human Resource Compliance Library - With today’s business environment, you cannot afford for employees or managers to not know company or government policies. The Root Loud HR Compliance Library consists of key courses that executives rely on for compliance and education of the workforce. Each... Read More
  • Root Loud's Reward Me By Root Loud

    A motivational and reward tool for your employees, sales or clients. Rewards tied to sales, training or referrals are tracked for each user online, with the ability to redeem the points for promotional items you choose. Experience the ability to drive participation in your next campaign or... Read More
  • Rubex by eFileCabinet By eFileCabinet, Inc.

    Rubex by eFileCabinet automates the flow of documents with advanced OCR and workflow tools that keep files moving through your organization and files them in a system that’s built around how your business operates. EASE OF USE An intuitive interface keeps the user’s documents at the forefront,... Read More