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  • Pages By Optify

    Identify pages with the most opportunity We score each page of your website so you know immediately which pages to focus on. Track your progress over time by monitoring the score for each page or the average score across your site. We’ll also show you how many inbound links you have on each... Read More
  • Paging and Dispatch Inbound Call Center Services By AnswerNet

    You will quickly save money and obtain top results compared with expanding your own inbound call center, buying new call center technology or adding staff. Our network of 50+ call centers (link opens new window) across the U.S., plus in Canada has over 2000 seats standing ready. With small and... Read More
  • Paid Media By ZOG Digital

    Social media optimization is a process to make your content more visible and therefore more effective. SMO is both an art and a science. The art is knowing what content to build and where to deploy, the science improves technical elements to match search and social algorithms. OUR CLIENTS HAVE... Read More
  • Paid Search By PM Digital

    Paid search typically makes up the largest percentage of the online media investment. Getting the most out of your paid search spend requires spot-on campaign management, industry knowledge, best in class technology and search marketing expertise. For the past 10 years, PM Digital has been... Read More
  • Paid Search By Business Online

    Paid Search is about precision. It allows you to gain immediate insights necessary to advance your marketing efforts and the overall health of your online marketing program. Paid Search captures targeted leads with customized marketing messages, yielding remarkable business results. Read More
  • Paid Search By Performics

    As a leading SEM for Internet Retailer’s Top 500 (2006-2010), Performics frames and executes paid search strategy for more than 125 top global brands. Focus on Your Consumer: While other agencies take a “spray and pray” approach to paid search, we use consumer research to create a more... Read More
  • Paid Search & SEO By Rise Interactive

    Rise Interactive is a full-service, Chicago based search engine marketing firm that provides paid search, search engine optimization, link building and comparison shopping engine management. Our founder launched the company after spending more than a decade refining and analyzing the most... Read More
  • Paid Search Marketing / Pay Per Click / PPC By Direct Online Marketing

    Paid search marketing – or pay per click / PPC – allows you to buy advertisements with the search engines. It first entered the marketplace (with any kind of success) in 1998 via, which was the fore bearer to Yahoo! Search Marketing (now in a long-term contract to utilize the Bing Ads... Read More
  • Panel Management By InSite Survey Systems

    Thinking of putting together a survey panel but don't know where to start? We can help! InSite has a dedicated team of professional market researchers ready to support all your data collection needs including managing the entire process of survey panels. > We can help jump-start your survey... Read More
  • Paper Shredders By Office Zone

    Office Zone carries a wide selection of paper shredders. This includes cross cut, particle cut, and strip cut versions. Choose from entry level home shredders up to high-end industrial shredders. Brands include Destroyit, HSM, Intimus, Fellowes, Dahle, Formax and many more. Orders may be placed... Read More
  • Paradysz Analytics By Paradysz

    The possibilities are staggering: More data points than ever before, and multiple methods for connecting the dots to form the perfect picture of a more engaged customer. But how do you take advantage of the opportunities in this data-rich world? At Paradysz Analytics, our mission is to... Read More
  • Paradysz Direct By Paradysz

    “Direct” is a word that implies speed. A straight line. Unswerving focus. Cutting through the clutter. But a direct path isn’t worth taking if it sends you in the wrong direction. Some direct-channel marketers focus only on tactics—the path. Paradysz Direct goes farther by also developing... Read More
  • Part Number Search By IHS Engineering360 Media Solutions

    Search the GlobalSpec database by part number. GlobalSpec's part number database contains millions of industrial, electronic, electrical, manufacturing, and MRO parts and many other categories of parts from distributors and manufacturers. You may enter a partial part number, if an exact one is... Read More
  • Pay For Click By Magic Logix , Inc.

    Can't wait to get traffic moving? Get the green light from Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Magic Logix creates effective ads, handles placement, and tracks the results for you. PPC offers advertisers a versatile option with the advantage that you pay only when someone clicks through to your... Read More
  • Pay Per Call By Rex Direct Net, Inc.

    Pay-Per-Call Marketing ( generate inbound calls from people interested in your product or service. Perfect for higher cost purchases that require explanation. Pricing is based on call qualifiers and duration. Traffic is generated via internet, mobile and offline marketing... Read More
  • Pay Per Click By Fathom | Online Marketing

    Pay-Per-Click advertising, also known as PPC or paid search, is growing at a phenomenal rate. Global search engine marketing spending, dominated by PPC, is expected to reach $33 billion by 2010. What's the attraction? It's all about return on investment (ROI) - reaching B2C and B2B prospects... Read More
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Management By Digital Applied

    Digital Applied's paid media strategies help brands improve conversion rate on their digital advertisements and boost sales online. Read More
  • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) By DaBrian Marketing Group, LLC

    Search Engine Marketing goes by many different names. Regardless of whether you call it paid search, pay per click, cost per click, search engine advertising or SEM, when you are serious about achieving greater impact through search engine marketing strategies, contact DaBrian Marketing Group.... Read More
  • Pay Per Click Campaigns By Search Engine Experts

    Pay-per-click campaigns are the way to solve these issues! Search Engine Experts can create and manage your pay-per-click campaigns to provide the high sponsored links rankings that get your company noticed! Your website should be more than just an expense - it should drive revenue for your... Read More
  • Pay Per click Management By Paradigm Productions, Inc.

    The cost of getting more can be less You control what happens and how much you spend ... Pay only for the hits you receive Start when you are ready and stop whenever you decide Gain complete control on a day-to-day basis Shrink the world wide web to your business world and stretch your... Read More
  • Pay-in-Play: Video Paywall By DaCast Streaming as a Service

    DaCast offers a full suite of monetization features. These are based around earning new revenue through paywalls, a security feature that blocks access to content unless the viewer has paid for the content. The paywall is handled completely in the video player. Viewers try to access the... Read More
  • Pay-per-Click (PPC) Management By AgencyAxis

    In addition to knowing the ins-and-outs of daily management, our pay-per-click managers understand how consumers search online and what motivates prospects to take action. Our strategy, creative, and technical abilities combine to create ongoing B2B search marketing campaigns that produce leads... Read More
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) By Kutenda

    With Kutenda's PPC software, your business can show up in the sponsored listings in Google, Yahoo and Bing, and quickly drive qualified prospects to your site -- people who are actively searching for what you sell. Drive prospects to your web site (fast) New to PPC? No sweat. Kutenda's PPC... Read More
  • PBX Parachute By Virtual PBX

    PBX Parachute is a disaster recovery and business continuity service for your hardware phone system. In the event of a telecom outage (lines cut, gas leak, earthquake, electrical ourage, or phone system problem), calls can be forwarded over to the PBX Parachute, which in turn would act as the... Read More
  • Performance Leads™ By Position2 Inc.

    Performance Leads™ uses a proven adaptive technology that enables you to acquire high quality leads across paid search, display & ad networks. Intelligent campaign planning system maps 3 main search engines, vertical search & leading PPC networks AutoBid Recommendations Engine™... Read More
  • Performance Management & Metrics By The Taylor Reach Group Inc.

    You can’t manage what you can’t or don’t measure. Developing and implementing a balanced set of metrics that are relevant and actually support business decision making is critical in any environment and this is also true of call centers. Should we be measuring FCR, NPS or CSAT and at what level... Read More
  • Permanent Installations and Environments By MC²

    MC² designs, builds and installs permanent environments for any setting. A strong partner with architects, construction companies, ad agencies and PR firms, MC² has completed flagship retail displays, corporate briefing centers, lobbies and boardrooms, museum displays and entertainment venues,... Read More
  • Personalised Americano Thermal Mugs By Premier Promotional Products

    Promotional thermal mugs are a great marketing tool to get your brand out there to your customers! They come in lots of colours and the option to mix and match the lid and silicon sleeve colours also. Read More
  • Personalised Promotional Notebooks with a Pen By Premier Promotional Products

    These notebooks are completely bespoke, you are able to choose whether you require an elastic band and ribbon which type of paper you want and even the colour of the stitching. Contact us for a quote! Read More
  • Personalization By Polaris Direct

    Polaris Direct’s high-volume continuous form lasers and inkjet imaging provide the flexibility necessary to meet the precise needs of any client project. Our patented technology allows for an expanded number of personalized sheets—created at high speeds and managing high volume jobs, and saving... Read More
  • Personalized Communications By Darwill

    Production of critical, complex communications is part of Darwill's DNA. High quality print,complex programming solutions and on-time delivery in a flexible manufacturing environment is why our customers rely on us for their most important marketing communications Read More
  • Photographic Prints By Jewett's Right Stock Photos

    Jewett's Right Stock Photos also offers prints from some of our photographers in various sizes. To view sizes and pricing, please use the dropdown box found on each photo detail page. Read More
  • Pierpont Communications By Pierpont Communications

    Pierpont Communications Inc. is one of the largest communications firms in the Southwest. Established in 1987 with offices in Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio, we help our diverse roster of clients grow through strategic services in public relations, investor relations, public affairs and... Read More
  • PinPoint By V12 Data

    PinPoint is a powerful data mining solution , allowing companies to predict future trends and behaviors and make proactive, knowledge-driven decisions. Users can view results presented as multi-dimensional cross tabs, Venn diagrams, automated Excel interface reports, DB scoring... Read More
  • Pinpointe Enterprise Edition By Pinpointe

    Pinpointe On-Demand, Enterprise Edition Be 100% in control of your own email reputation without the hassle of managing your own mail servers. Pinpointe On-Demand, Enterprise Edition is a multi-user, cloud-based, dedicated instance of Pinpointe, suited for medium and large enterprises sending... Read More
  • Pinpointe On-Demand, Agency Edition By Pinpointe

    Pinpointe On-Demand, Agency Edition is a multi-user, cloud-based, dedicated instance of Pinpointe that is purpose-built for digital agencies. Host your customers on our complete end-to-end cloud infrastructure. Get all the benefits of a dedicated, private labeled email service that you can... Read More
  • Pinpointe Professional Edition By Pinpointe

    Email Marketing in the Cloud – Used by Thousands of Businesses Pinpointe On-Demand is the most feature-rich, Cloud-based Email Marketing system available. Professional Edition includes everything you need to create, send, track and profit from email marketing – but it doesn’t stop there.... Read More
  • Pivotal CRM for Capital Markets By Pivotal CRM

    In your market, relationships mean everything and sharing information across your firm is the key to collaborating and getting deals done. But, collaboration can be a challenge due to the complex network of internal and external parties involved in deals. On the equity sales side, your ability... Read More
  • Pivotal CRM for Commercial Banking By Pivotal CRM

    To compete with today’s global banks and regional credit unions, you have to work harder to ensure that your clients feel valued. But, how can you deliver enhanced service without driving up service costs and discouraging clients? In today's business environment, commercial banks face increasing... Read More
  • Pivotal CRM for Mutual Fund Wholesaling By Pivotal CRM

    To compete in today's crowded market, you need to be strategic about resource allocation and take a strategic approach to managing broker-dealer channels. To achieve this, you need better insight into broker relationships and profitability. CDC Pivotal CRM for Mutual Fund Wholesaling is an... Read More
  • Pivotal CRM for Wealth Management/Private Banking By Pivotal CRM

    Clients seeking out your private banking services today are more cautious than ever. To win your share of their business, you need to demonstrate a level of personalized service that makes you stand out from competing firms.CDC Pivotal CRM for Private Banking helps you streamline operations,... Read More
  • PivotLink SaaS Business Intelligence By PivotLink Corporation

    Change happens today faster than ever. Your business analytics and dashboards need to keep pace with the changing landscape of your world. The PivotLink SaaS BI platform is a comprehensive, scalable, and highly secure business intelligence platform in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model for... Read More
  • Pizza Box Advertising By Campus Media Group , Inc.

    Tap into the delivery area of locally owned pizza shops around campus with pizza box top advertising. Put your message front and center during for the next game, or when they’re cramming for mid-terms. Major market availability. Read More
  • Plastic Card Printing By is known as an industry leader in high quality plastic card printing and plastic card applications. Styles of plastic cards include: gift card printing, access control cards, plastic business cards, calendar card printing, discount gift cards, fundraiser card printing, insurance... Read More
  • Plastic Promotional Sports Drink Bottles By Premier Promotional Products

    Printed With Your Company Logo! We Have a Huge Range of Sports Bottles, Mugs, Cups, Glasses and Other Drinkwear Waiting to be Branded with your Artwork! These Bottles Come in Loads of Different Colours, to Suit your Brand Image and Promotional Marketing Campaign. So Get in Touch and we will Help... Read More
  • Platinum Level Email Marketing Services By Net Atlantic, Inc.

    Automate and optimize cross-channel campaigns. Platinum Edition is an enterprise-grade, cross-channel campaign management platform that puts unprecedented power into the hands of marketers to automate and optimize successful cross-channel campaigns, driven off of real-time data. Key benefits... Read More
  • PlentyWall By Accenta Inc

    Combinable. Modular. Use PlentyWall as a backdrop or a room divider. Straight or curved, the quick and easy assembly of this display means less time prepping, more time selling. Display a full graphic panel, a header or several banners. Its height-adjustable horizontal bar makes it possible.... Read More
  • PM Digital By Paradysz

    PM Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in Paid Search Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Comparison Shopping Engines, and other digital marketing services. We connect clients to their customers online by creating, implementing, and... Read More
  • PopUp Elite By Accenta Inc

    PopUp Elite is a new, technologically superior pop-up display and a winner of the 2008 Red Dot Design “Best of the Best” and “Product Design” awards. Stir up some excitement with this curvy show display. Lightweight and portable, this innovative pop-up display system sets up as easy as 1-2-3.... Read More
  • Portrait Photography By Tozzophoto

    Capture your portrait or moments with your friends, baby, or family! Tozzophoto has specialized in exciting and expressive documentary style portrait and headshot photography since 1994. Roy’s photographs capture yourself, friends, and newborn children in candid moments during any event,... Read More
  • Postal Optimization By Polaris Direct

    Polaris Direct consults our clients on ways to help reduce mailing costs, including commingling, drop shipment, and co-palletization. COMMINGLING The commingling process involves combining mail from a variety of customers and presorting it together to achieve the optimal postage discount. By... Read More
  • Postal Presorting Services By Data Services, Inc.

    US, Canadian & International Postal Presorting Sorting your International data for optimal postage discounts is an important element in controlling your mailing costs. D.S.I. offers a variety of International postal presorting options: U.K. Mailsort 1, 2, & 3, U.K Walksort, U.K. Presstream 1... Read More
  • PostaLink By Polaris Direct

    Powered by Polaris Direct, PostaLink gives you the ability to combine tried-and-true direct mail with the power of Google and social media to improve response and deliver a better customer experience. Plus, PostaLink qualifies for two USPS mailing promotions in 2020—the Emerging & Advanced... Read More
  • Pouch & Roll Laminators By ABC Office

    ABC Office offers a great selection of pouch and roll laminators including film and accessories. Laminating machine brands include Banner American, Akiles, Tahsin, Sircle, GBC and more. Read More
  • PPC (Pay-per-click Advertising) By Big Squid Interactive

    Pay-per-click advertising on Google, Yahoo and Bing is no longer considered an option and is crucial to driving highly targeted traffic to your website. Unlike SEO, Paid Search can start delivering traffic to your site immediately while delivering customized ad copy and landing pages to improve... Read More
  • PPC Advertising By SmartAcre

    Metter Interactive PPC advertising campaigns blend research, creative, management, analytics and testing together to help your business find more qualified users, drive them to your website, and convert them into customers while optimizing your ad spend. Targeting the wrong traffic, mismanaging... Read More
  • PPC Advertising By 99 Neighbors

    99 Neighbors is a top rated ppc advertising management company. We are a Google certified partner. Read More
  • PPC and Multilingual PPC By Mintense Ltd

    A PPC strategy for your business needs to be carefully planned and developed. First of all we formulate a strategy which fit with your predetermined budget, your needs and goals. A PPC strategy allows to reach a really interested audience, avoiding waste of budget, time and assets. We priorly... Read More
  • PPC BidMax - Bid management software By Apex Pacific

    The ultimate Online Advertising Campaign and automated PPC bid management software for the agency and the advertiser. This is an essential PPC bid management tool to help you manage online advertising campaigns for Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and MSN Adcenter under one simple... Read More
  • PPC Management By OneIMS

    The internet has become a preferred source when it comes to finding information. With everyone turning to search engines for answers, make sure you're business is first on the search engine results page. ClickXPosure™ - our internet marketing division - helps you achieve maximum visibility on... Read More
  • PPC Management By Black Propeller

    Our professional PPC management services allow you to run your business and get the most out of your marketing budget. Read More
  • PPC Tracker By SalesFUSION, Inc

    PPC is enjoying explosive growth as a new B2B marketing channel. The main PPC Networks have made it very easy to create and manage targeted PPC campaigns online. However, the pitfalls of poorly run PPC campaigns are many, and often severe. All too often marketers jump into PPC campaigns,... Read More
  • PR By Godfrey

    From traditional PR programs – case histories, trade show support, media tours, event marketing and more – to newer PR techniques like blogs, podcasts, social media press releases and RSS feeds, Godfrey’s time-tested B2B PR experience can not only strengthen your credibility within your... Read More
  • PR Maximizer™ By Position2 Inc.

    PR Maximizer™ uses a combination of search and social media technologies to maximize coverage of your media releases across a wide spectrum of targeted destinations. \Media release system maps over 10,000+ online touchpoints SEO optimizer enhances media releases with over 15 search engine... Read More
  • PR Training Seminars By AJR & Partners

    Looking to enhance your in-house PR capabilities or give your company an added edge in a challenging economy? Let an award winning PR and marketing agency train your staff with the latest in PR strategies and tactics with our Public Relations Boot Camp Seminars. Our PR seminars and PR... Read More
  • PR, Marketing & Social Media By Affect

    Affect is a public relations, strategic marketing and social media firm located in New York. Specializing in technology and business to business, we combine strategy, creative and intelligent program development, impeccable execution and exemplary customer service to help our clients achieve... Read More
  • Predictive Dialer By Five9, Inc.

    Five9 provides the market-leading hosted predictive dialer to automate your outbound calling campaigns and boost productivity up to 300%. In any industry, when you regularly make outbound calls to your customers and are looking for ways to improve your productivity, the Five9 dialer can help.... Read More
  • Predictive Modeling & Analytic Services By NCRI Lists and Marketing Services

    NCRI’s various Analytic Programs are designed to support our clients in achieving their marketing goals. Whether you want to refine your customer database or to draw from our response files, we can tailor special programs to fit your needs, including: Predictive Response, Net Conversion and... Read More
  • Premier Promotional Desk Calendars By Premier Promotional Products

    Our promotional desk calendars can be personalised with individual customers' names at no extra cost! Contact us today for more information and pricing. Read More
  • Premier Promotional Metal Pens By Premier Promotional Products

    Metal pens have a higher perceived value than plastic pens. Invest in high quality promotional products and your company will reap the benefits and get the return on your investment. Read More
  • Premier Promotional Umbrellas By Premier Promotional Products

    Umbrellas are an excellent promotional marketing tool as they provide a large surface area for your branding. We had our Premier umbrellas printed all over in full colour for maximum impact! We Have Many Other Colours, Shapes and Sizes Available. WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE PROMOTIONAL UMBRELLAS FOR... Read More
  • Premium Subscriptions By Hoover's

    Hoover's subscription products help you find With data on over 65 million companies and over 85 million business people, Hoover's the data you need to find and win business today! Read More
  • Pre-production Planning By Polaris Direct

    Our experienced sales team works closely with our clients’ creative and production departments to develop successful mail campaigns. Through creative consultation, we offer print and manufacturing format options, as well as mock-ups with paper stock options. This process ensures postal... Read More
  • Presentation Training Packages By Communication Strategy Group

    Communication Strategy Group can help you feel comfortable delivering your company’s message anywhere, anytime. These packages will help you feel confident when you make presentations about your company, products and services. Read More
  • Press Meetings & Event Management By Adventive Marketing, Inc.

    Event planning is not for the faint of heart. It takes careful planning, sound tactics and flawless execution. We create the strategy and implementation plan for your event, complete with SmartChartSM results reporting. Whether you’re talking about a press conference, press tours, one-on-one... Read More
  • Press Releases By GNA Marketing Group

    Defining and consistently delivering the most effective message about your company to your target audience is crucial to building and sustaining a strong brand and business model. GNA Marketing Group focuses on strategically positioning your company within the applicable industries and business... Read More
  • Pricing Research By B2B International USA Inc

    There are three ways of increasing profits: sell more, cut our costs, or raise existing prices. Selling more and cutting costs are not easy, but raising prices, in principle, is very easy indeed - change the price ticket and price list and tell the sales force to raise prices by 5%. Costs... Read More
  • Print & Mailing Services By Dunhill International List Co., Inc.

    Let Dunhill handle your entire direct mail campaign from start to finish! Dealing with one vendor will save you and your company time and money. We have established extremely low printing and mailing prices and will pass the savings directly to you. Take the worry and the headache out of... Read More
  • Print Media By Pink Lizard Promotions

    Pink Lizard Promotions also offers a wide range of print media – with everything from banners to business cards available. All our products are competitively priced and are available in a variety of finishes and sizes. All our print media products offer fast delivery to reach your deadline... Read More
  • Print Production By SG360º, a Segerdahl Company

    A versatile suite of production capabilities enables us to deliver highly-personalized communications from simple to complex for volumes that start in the hundreds and run well into the millions. Read More
  • Print Production and Fulfillment By Direct2Market Sales Solutions LLC

    Should your program require the integration of printed materials and the fulfillment of those materials to customers or prospects as part of the marketing mix, we can help. Direct2Market Sales Solutions will manage the process from concept to execution with one of our service partners and... Read More
  • Print Production Services By Babcock & Jenkins

    Through data-driven intellect and creative passion, Babcock & Jenkins (BNJ) helps its clients to pinpoint B2B demand generation opportunities, and then crafts stories that grow long-lasting relationships. Click on the phone or email links to contact BNJ about its direct mail and print production... Read More
  • Printed Custom Wall Tile Murals By Paris Group Inc (Porcelain & Ceramic Printers)

    Custom printed wall tile, for kitchen backsplash and shower walls ...really any wall tile both individual "accent tiles" and full murals. No minimum and warrantied. Read More
  • Printing By Dunhill International List Co., Inc.

    Dunhill offers competitively priced printing. We offer consulting services regarding the design, copy and layout of your mail piece. Our goal is to make sure our clients attain the highest possible return on investment for every dollar spent. Read More
  • Printing By Direct Marketing Concepts

    How many times have you been trapped into paying high costs for printing, with no one to guide you through the printing process? DMC will take your printing specs and provide cost effective printing. We offer quality printing: One or more colors Presswork of all sizes Embossing Bindery 4... Read More
  • Priority Placement® By Paradigm Productions, Inc.

    Paradigm's Priority Placement® service is a proven Internet search-engine ranking solution offered exclusively by Paradigm Productions, Inc. This is the ideal approach to increase traffic and lead-flow generation through your website. Benchmark Reports & Summary An easy-to-read analysis... Read More
  • Private Placement Memorandums (PPM) By Accessible Business, LLC

    SAMPLE PRIVATE PLACEMENT MEMORANDUM (PPM) A Private Placement is an extremely complex document. The primary purpose of a PPM is to give the entrepreneur the opportunity to present all potential risks to the investor. The PPM protects the entrepreneur in the event that the investment goes... Read More
  • Process Improvement and Management By The Taylor Reach Group Inc.

    Often, a new perspective can identify areas of improvement that are overlooked due to monotonous consistent experiences, and the distraction of daily operations. Taylor Reach has the tools necessary to quickly assess and provide solutions to gain true operational insights. Are you committed to... Read More
  • Product Development Research By MRSI (Marketing Research Services Inc.)

    MRSI specializes in product development research and we strive to make the process easier by providing not only the marketing research tools, but also the guidance necessary to get you actionable answers from beginning to end. MRSI has guided clients throughout product development since 1973.... Read More
  • Product Development Research By B2B International USA Inc

    In a competitive world, no company can survive without product development. As soon as you release a new or improved product or service onto the market, your competitors are ready and waiting to emulate it and improve it for their own purposes. Product development does not have to be... Read More
  • Product Sales By Jackson Marketing Group

    All marketing has one ultimate goal – selling products. And in some cases, we help close this loop by actually selling our clients' products with JMG-trained product specialists. Like in the case of Wiley X, where the brand wanted to introduce their eyewear to an expanded audience, so we created... Read More
  • Product Testing and Validation Research By Primary Point, Inc.

    Primary Point designs and executes projects that involve market testing for new, updated, or proposed products and services. This market beta testing allows our client to test market feasibility while evolving product features that better address customer needs and concerns. Our experience... Read More
  • Professional Corded Headsets By VXi Corporation

    VXi's Professional Corded Headsets for contact/call centers and offices feature state-of-the-art noise-canceling, high-end audio receivers, flexible gooseneck booms, and a combination of durability and lightweight comfort. Corded headset models from VXi include: Envoy UC, UC ProSet LUX, UC... Read More
  • Professional Level Email Marketing Services By Net Atlantic, Inc.

    Affordable, easy-to-use, email marketing tools. Creating and sending emails, tracking email campaign results, and gauging the success of your email marketing efforts is easy, and affordable, with our Professional level email marketing platform. Get HTML email templates, HDI-certified technical... Read More
  • Professional Services By Acxiom

    Our team can provide complete end-to-end solutions that not only include world-class data, but also the intelligence to help it perform for you. Whether it’s getting to a greater understanding of your goals, helping you map out a marketing strategy, or even getting your campaign produced and... Read More
  • Professional Services By Onstream Media

    While many of our solutions are designed to be simple to configure and use, we recognize that for high-profile events or virtual marketplaces, you may need professional services assistance to support your sales, marketing or training needs. When you choose our full-service approach, we assign... Read More
  • Project Management By Direct2Market Sales Solutions LLC

    Direct2Market Sales Solutions employs an experienced management team with over 75 years of combined sales and marketing experience to ensure a proactive client experience. At Direct2Market Sales Solutions we focus on our experience base, core competencies, technology and communications. Our... Read More
  • Projections and Forecasts By Accessible Business, LLC

    The heart of any successful business plan and/or strategic plan is the forecast or projection. A forecast or projection is similar to the historical data of a business with one key difference: forecasts and projections are prospective, they are for the future. A forecast consists of prospective... Read More
  • PromoAid By PromoAid

    About PromoAid PromoAid is a digital marketing services company that has streamlined how marketers and agencies screen, research and select the marketing programs used to execute strategic plans. PromoAid’s one-of-a-kind marketing data platform was initiated to address the void of easily... Read More
  • Promotional Jumper Sweater Hoody By Premier Promotional Products

    Printed or Embroidered with your Company Logo. Branded Uniforms and Work Clothing. Flat Knit Rib Side Panels, Collar and Bottom Hem. Kangaroo Front Pockets. Single Jersey Lining Inside Hood. Satin Neck Tape. Herringbone Tape in Contrast Colour. Engraved Antique Silver Eyelets. Heat Transfer Main... Read More
  • Promotional Magnets and Coasters By Premier Promotional Products

    These branded circular magnets have multi purpose uses and can also work well as coasters. They are flat and lightweight, so make a great free gift to send out in a marketing direct mail campaign! Read More
  • Promotional Marketing Products By JLC Marketing Group LLC

    JLC Marketing Group LLC is a Promotional Products and Brand Marketing Company with a singular commitment to innovation and ingenuity. Operating on a large scale with the values of a family run company, JLC Marketing Group LLC has created an award winning marketing strategy to meet our... Read More
  • Promotional Mousemats By Premier Promotional Products

    Premier Promotional Products branded computer mousemats are a great way for brands to get their logo out there and appear on customers' desks everyday! Read More
  • Promotional Natural Cotton Shopper Tote Bags By Premier Promotional Products

    Printed with Your Company Logo! Reusable Natural Coloured Cotton Shopper Tote Bag. 100% Cotton. Minimum Order Quantity: 250. These Bags are Perfect for Exhibition and Trade Shows as it Puts Your Brand Logo on Display to 100s of Potential Customers! Check out our Other Promotional Bags & Cases... Read More
  • Promotional Notebook with Stylus Ball Pen By Premier Promotional Products

    Print Your Company Logo on This Promotional Note Book! It Comes with a Hardback Cover and Colour Elasticated Strap, Page Marker as well as Coloured Edging to the Lined Paper Sheets. Medium A5 Sized. It is Available in Many Other Colours Including Plain Black, Blue, Red, Pink, Lime Green and... Read More
  • Promotional Pens Printed with your Company Logo By Premier Promotional Products

    We Have a Huge Range of Pens and Other Stationery Items that can be Branded With Your Artwork at Very Low Prices. These Pens Come with Either Black or Blue Ink. Other Colours and Styles Available. Minimum Order Quantity: 500. We Do Offer Pens With Lower Minimum Order Quantities Also. Read More
  • Promotional Power Banks By Premier Promotional Products

    Printed or Engraved With Your Company Logo or Artwork. Volt 2200Mah Battery Capacity. Aluminium Metal in Black. Power Bank Charges Via Included USB Cable & Blue Light Indicator Turns on When Fully Charged. Includes White Carton Box. Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Pieces. We Have Many Different... Read More
  • Promotional Products By The Originals Group, LLC

    Trade Show Giveaways, Holiday Gifts, Awards, Employee Incentives, Apparel with your logo Read More
  • Promotional Stainless Steel Metal Travel Mugs By Premier Promotional Products

    Print these with your Company Logo! Purple Handle, Trim, & Lid Centre. Capacity: 450ml. Minimum Order Quantity: 25 Pieces. We Have a Huge Range of Different Travel Thermal Mugs, Visit our Website to Take a Look! Fact: Over 82% of respondents reported that they’d purchased products or services... Read More
  • Prospect Email By PM Digital

    Successful email marketing depends on 2 basic challenges - 1) finding the right lists and 2) delivering the right message. PM Digital will help you successfully tackle both! Backed by our proprietary list planning system and the expertise we’ve gained from our parent company’s direct mail... Read More
  • Public Relations By Millennium Integrated Marketing

    Millennium successfully increases awareness through its execution of public relations strategies. Drawing on its media relationships, and using press releases, article development and placement, letters to the editor, radio interviews, and creative media pitch strategies; Millennium can secure... Read More
  • Public Relations By David James Group

    PR Planning and Strategy Public Relations done well gives your brand credibility that other marketing tactics may not deliver. However, PR takes planning and a strategic approach to ensure maximum effectiveness. What you may feel is newsworthy may not be to the press. Or, what you feel may... Read More
  • Public Relations By Caliber Group

    For more than two decades, we have helped organizations and their leaders build successful reputations and relationships critical to meeting company objectives. We utilize the strategic four-step process and Code of Ethics and Professional Standards adopted by the Public Relations Society of... Read More
  • Public Relations By Bagwell Marketing

    We prepare and distribute your message through trade publications, local or national newspapers, radio and television stations and now on the Internet. We are always looking for just the right “hook” that will get the story picked up. Studies show that information is more believable if presented... Read More
  • Public Relations By TriComB2B

    It’s easy to overlook PR as a viable B2B marketing strategy in the face of growing alternative media options. The way we see it, PR is the perfect tactic. Who would your customers rather hear from: a manufacturer with an obvious agenda or an objective third-party observer? B2B advertising,... Read More
  • Public Relations By Veritas Marketing, LLC

    We provide a full range of public relations services, including press conferences, press release development and distribution, media relations, article and white paper writing and more. Read More
  • Public Relations By Jackson Marketing Group

    Ah, the good old days. When a company could write and send a press release and everyone lived happily ever after. Not today. Great PR agencies must be reputation managers, storytellers and brand champions for their clients. Effective PR strategies must engage customers by merging social media,... Read More
  • Public Relations By elevation marketing

    To stimulate extra momentum for your products in the marketplace, Canyon relies on proven image-building experience to promote awareness and positive attitudes among the public. Our skills are especially useful in B2B situations involving trade press, peer interaction and vertical industry... Read More
  • Public Relations By Pete Wiltjer Marketing Group

    Our focus is the creation and nurturing of influencer relationships. Our approach to media relations is to exert the same level of energy cultivating relationships with key influencers that you would spend cultivating a customer relationship. Our team understands how to effectively develop and... Read More
  • Public Relations By Herman & Almonte PR

    Full-service public relations. Read More
  • Public Relations By M/C/C

    M/C/C's public relations services include: Generating press coverage and leveraging industry analysts; webinars; trade show support; speaking opportunities; communicating directly to customers through blogs or digital newsletters; social networks; and, writing search-friendly press releases,... Read More
  • Public Relations By Cooper Hong Inc.

    Issues management and strategic public relations counsel Media training and message preparation News release writing and distribution News conferences Publicity events Bylined and feature article placement White papers Advertorials Electronic and print newsletters Paper and online... Read More
  • Public Relations By NM Marketing Communications

    An effective public relations campaign helps you tell your story to customers, prospects, thought leaders and other key audiences. Our Chicago B2B PR agency experience ensures that we will carefully evaluate your public relations campaign objectives before choosing the most effective... Read More
  • Public Relations By AJR & Partners

    AJR & Partners Public Relations focuses on results through strategic PR campaigns and initiatives. Our award winning PR approach drives results with media placements ranging from the Wall Street Journal to South Miami Community News; from Art World News to Oil & Gas News; from to... Read More
  • Public Relations & Online Reputation Management By Borenstein Group, Inc.

    Contrary to popular belief, PR has little to do with talking, and much to do with listening. Ears to the ground, public relations professionals leverage media channels to tap into public perceptions of your organization. By reconciling an organization’s brand with the pulse of an industry, PR... Read More
  • Public Relations Dashboard By Adventive Marketing, Inc.

    Tell us what type of measurements you’d like included and we’ll create a dashboard specific to your PR program. To help you judge the efforts of our PR media outreach program we can create a custom results dashboard. At minimum, the dashboard would include data on press appearances and audience... Read More
  • Public Relations Firm & Agency By Estey-Hoover | Orange County Advertising Agency & Public Relations Firm

    Full service public relations and communitiy relations, product launches, and a variety of other PR services for B2B and consumer campaigns. Read More
  • Public Relations Packages By Communication Strategy Group

    Communication Strategy Group can provide comprehensive public relations and thought leadership services to best promote your business. These packages are designed as an ongoing monthly service to ensure consistency. Read More
  • Public Relations Services By Geile Leon Marketing Communications

    G/L has a top-ranked public relations department in-house. We work in all facets of consumer and business-to-business communications, including media and community relations as well as special events. Our experienced PR staff even offers media training to make you a better advocate of your... Read More
  • Publisher Telemarketing Call Center Services By Mark Facey & Company

    Publisher telemarketing call center services from Mark Facey & Company include: BPA/AAM subscription renewals and acquisitions; event/trade show registrations; webcast/white paper lead generation; CRM services; customer satisfaction surveys; cold/warm calling; appointment setting/scheduling;... Read More
  • Publishing By STN Media

    This is where we got our start – and we continue to lead the pack. School Transportation News is the preeminent magazine for the trade, and we also publish Mobile Electronics, the industry’s #1 resource. Read More
  • PUBLITRAC - Online Marketing Software By Publipage

    PUBLITRAC is an online marketing software that makes it easy to measure, manage and automate your multichannel marketing campaigns. Our goal is to provide you with the best marketing software that: - Gives you tools to measure and increase all of your online lead generation efforts. - Helps... Read More