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By Alesco Data

Machine Learning Analytics We combine our Big Data assets with a purpose-built Machine Learning platform optimized for direct marketing applications. The platform optimizes your acquisition, upsell and retention campaigns, enabling you to cost-effectively obtain more customers and maximize their value. This approach... Read more »

By Biztech IT Consultancy Pvt. Ltd

Biztech's Magento - Quickbooks integration solution allows your sales teams to get data about your online business and customer's critical accounting data from QuickBooks system. We have developed a Cloud-based SaaS Solution for Magento - QuickBooks Integration as one way process. We can... Read more »

By MagiCubes

Engage with the Power of Positive Emotion. The 3 Dimensional Magic Diamond 7cm Magic Cube features playful media to present your marketing. a unique style with 6 square faces of a cube and 8 equilateral triangle faces of an octahedron, making it a "CUBOCTAHEDRON." This Cube transforms from a... Read more »

By Magnetic Attractions

Keep your company name and marketing messages in sight with Magnetic Attractions promotional magnets. Our comprehensive advertising magnet line includes business card magnets, logo magnets, magnetic calendars, schedule magnets, magnetic photo frames and more. Your message will stay front and... Read more »

By Apex Pacific

Mail Communicator is an ultimate ‘automated email marketing’ software solution that sends high volume personalized email campaigns to enquiries, clients and subscribers. It effectively creates, manages and tracks results of your permission based bulk email campaigns and newsletter... Read more »

By Leon Henry, Inc.

Unlike traditional forms of advertising which reach a broad general audience to create product awareness, direct mail using mailing lists gives a marketer the opportunity to finely target specific markets based on demographic and/or psychographic criteria. Age, gender and income (in the case... Read more »

By Marketing Lists Direct

Data Services provide the necessary tools to establish a high level of quality so that your database meets your marketing short and long term plans and goals. A company’s customer database is its lifeline and an important part of any business’ continual success. Read more »

By Marketing Lists Direct

Marketing Mailing Lists allow you to deliver your offer or message about your particular product, service, or event and it explains how, where, and when to get your product, service, or event. You can drive your message to a company’s top decision maker, targeted consumer, or an entire... Read more »

By US Data Corporation

Executing a direct mail campaign can cost a fortune…from the envelope to the paper, from the printing to the postage…then you must calculate the additional cost of getting your sales letter or ad copy written. It is very apparent that you are investing a large chunk of your marketing budget on... Read more »

By Melissa

Melissa offers 100s of specialty lists (mailing, emailing and telemarketing) you can tailor to connect with your perfect audience. Our database contains info on more than 200 million consumers and 14 million businesses – so finding the right new prospects for you should be a snap! Some of our... Read more »

By Polaris Direct

At Polaris Direct, we utilize our strategic alliances to improve logistical planning to guarantee mailings hit the mail stream faster. We employ Seamless Acceptance, a USPS program designed to streamline mail processing. With Seamless Acceptance, Polaris Direct can mail 24 hours a day without a... Read more »

By Melissa

Melissa’s direct mail solutions clean and update your U.S. and international mailing lists. Plus, we offer easy-to-use bulk mail software to prep and presort your mail to ensure it gets delivered to the right recipient. • NCOALink® Full Service Provider Licensee of the USPS® – fast, easy,... Read more »

By Net Atlantic, Inc.

Maximize email campaign performance. High-performance dedicated email marketing servers for both small and large volume email marketers provide for the ultimate in performance, delivery, privacy, and customization. Our email sending servers are located in a datacenter that offers the highest... Read more »

By Mountain Stream Group, Inc.

Management Consulting Services The old adage “Can’t see the forest through the trees” is an appropriate one when it comes to solving business problems within a company. That’s because most of the people charged with solving the problem are typically too close to it, or don’t what to ruffle feathers or step on sacred... Read more »

By PTI Marketing Technologies™

MarcomCentral is a vendor-hosted (SaaS) web to print system that provides an automated solution for creating, printing and managing the delivery of static, versioned and variable data pieces. Using predefined, press-ready PDF templates, print customers use this browser-based system to request... Read more »

By B2B International USA Inc

All companies must seek new ways to increase growth and value. Both growth and value can be achieved in four alternative areas (see below). In each of these areas, B2B International can: Review your existing products in existing markets and advise you how to sell more and differentiate... Read more »

By B2B International USA Inc

Entering a new market is a big decision for any company. Whether by acquisition, establishment of a subsidiary, or through any other means, the investment and level of uncertainty are significant. B2B International knows that, despite the difficulties, entering a new market is one of the... Read more »

By Discovery Data

Through our market insight offerings you can also access detailed, historical information on the industry, providing you with the tools, resources and complete picture you need to make informed business decisions. Read more »

By iris Chicago

-Customer data and intelligence (acquisition, analysis and modeling): data purchase, data enrichment, data capture strategy and implementation, market research (including surveys), Data quality optimization and data consolidation, Data analysis and segmentation of customers and partners, CRM... Read more »

By elevation marketing

Canyon shares years of cumulative, hands-on, in-depth experience in highly technical markets—especially technology, turf products, medical equipment, business machines, heavy equipment, mining, chemicals, software and more, including service businesses. Read more »

By Jackson Marketing Group

Fact over intuition. This is how JMG Market Research has helped clients create efficient, effective marketing efforts for maximum impact, strategically align their distribution and marketing priorities and find chinks in their competitors' armor. Our research is supported by the latest and... Read more »

By Sales Inside Inc

When you lack insight and research on your prospects, you can't prepare an effective elevator pitch and get them interested in meeting you. SALESINSIDE Inc. can assist you with your profiling and market research needs so that you can maximize each and every interaction with your prospects and... Read more »

By Geo Strategy Partners

Geo Strategy Partners’ market research practice can help you identify, measure, segment, and capture market growth opportunities to support a go-to-market strategy. Geo Strategy Partners provides strategic market research and competitive intelligence services to business-to-business and... Read more »

By BCC Research

BCC is pleased to offer the Market Research Report Subscription service to companies in need of on-going market data, analysis, and forecasts. BCC's Subscription Service is designed for companies that need to make multiple report purchases throughout the year. Each subscription is customized to... Read more »

By Amplitude Research, Inc.

Amplitude Research is a leading market research firm specializing in full-service consumer, b2b, and technology market research surveys. Our online market research studies feature use of our proprietary web panels that can reach consumers and business professionals at affordable prices. Our... Read more »

By Infosurv Research

Infosurv is a premier market research company providing a full suite of market research services including design, administration and analysis. Our market surveys can help you: Gather market intelligence regarding opinions, trends, and competitors Gauge interest in new products and... Read more »

By B2B International USA Inc

As competition intensifies and markets change more quickly than ever, the need for up-to-the minute research and intelligence has never been greater. Market tracking studies identify and assess trends as they happen, allowing B2B International’s Clients to make decisions as quickly as possible,... Read more »

By Strategic Domain

SIGMA strategic planning e-Branding and integrated marketing Product launch and positioning Professional and DTC communications Database development and CRM Compliance and advocacy programs Read more »

By The Kraus Group LLC

Having trouble increasing your sales? As a business owner your main goal is to get your product or service sold. At The Kraus Group we develop the marketing tools that sell your product. As a full-service marketing agency, we specialize in corporate identity, graphic design, web development and... Read more »

By Base Element

Marketing and communication are now firmly rooted in the technological revolution of the fast changing, digitally connected world. Tools, channels and techniques have changed and have brought complexities that did not exist in the past. The MarCom fundamentals endure and core challenges remain... Read more »

By SIGMA Marketing Insights

The world-class analysts of SIGMA's Marketing Analytics Group dive deep to solve your marketing problems, unearthing the valuable insights that let you do more with your data. •Identifying the best new prospects •Revealing your customers at risk •Segmenting your most valuable customers SIGMA... Read more »

By Integrate

Integrate’s real-time reporting and analytics solutions remove the hazard of manual data accumulation and synthesis while providing a unified view of cross-channel reports and informing future decisions. Our reporting suite includes customizable real-time reports, audience analysis, and a lead... Read more »

By SIGMA Marketing Insights

If you are struggling with developing a clear vision for a successful multichannel database marketing strategy, a Fast Forward Marketing Assessment from SIGMA will help you get started quickly. SIGMA Marketing Assessments guide you through the process of creating a data-driven strategy with... Read more »

By iris Chicago

As a certified Eloqua partner, Pepper delivers full marketing automation support, from technical implementation to communication and creative development. This blend of strategy, technology and creativity enables Pepper’s clients to engage their targets along the entire lifecycle—from lead... Read more »

By Act-On Software, Inc.

Cloud based Marketing Automation built for the Fortune 5,000,000, used by companies of all sizes. An easy-to-use All-in-One online marketing platform with centralized reporting. Whether you are a marketing professional looking for a do-it-yourself e-mail and web marketing service, or a team that... Read more »

By Winsper

Winsper's marketing automation review and audit services include: identification of business, technical and user requirements; high-level overview of current and future lead management processes; identification of marketing automation software vendors for review based on initial requirements;... Read more »

By NetSuite, Inc.

NetSuite's marketing automation software automates the entire marketing process, allowing users to better align campaigns and programs with their sales teams. NetSuite's marketing automation software enables businesses to generate highly qualified leads that are ready for sales engagement. It... Read more »

By JGSullivan Interactive

As a marketing automation software company with a 60-year history of helping national brands, JGSullivan is uniquely qualified to support its clients' local marketing initiatives and help their channel partners generate more revenue and increase their marketing ROI. JGSullivan's marketing... Read more »

By Xert Communications

Marketing automation software from Xert includes the Precision Suite for email marketing automation, contacts, events, leads and microsites. As a module of the Precision Suite, Xert SF enables online marketers to manage, measure and optimize email marketing channels. Xert CM delivers a leading... Read more »

By Salesforce

Build customer relationships for life with data-first digital marketing. When you power your marketing with the world's #1 CRM, you can drive success from anywhere. Every moment counts. Your data has to keep up. With digital marketing software from Salesforce, it can. Whether you're looking... Read more »

By Professional Services Marketing, LLC

Are you a professional hoping to add new clients to your practice but aren't quite sure how to do it? If so consider working with Professional Services Marketing Founder and President, Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC. Terrie has over 25 years of experience in coaching professional services firms and the... Read more »

By Paradigm Productions, Inc.

Paradigm is a business-to-business specialist. We understand the challenges today's companies face, and we know why technology must be used to stay ahead of the curve. Our clients run the gamut from multi-million-dollar corporations to mid-sized manufacturers to local entrepreneurs. In... Read more »

By Communication Strategy Group

Let Communication Strategy Group’s professional writers and editors create content that motivates your prospects and customers. Read more »

By Mountain Stream Group, Inc.

Marketing Communications Services Mass marketing is out. Targeted dialogue with your stakeholders—customers, employees, investors, vendors and the general public—is in. The 4 Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) are out. The 4 Cs (Consumer wants and needs, Cost to satisfy, Convenience to buy, Communication) are in. Standalone... Read more »

By Catalyst, Inc.

Catalyst consults with mid-market, global B2B clients at times of growth and/or transition to help them: create connections and accelerate marketing performance; investigate the marketing situation and understand critical branding challenges; define a compelling, transformational strategy and... Read more »

By Creative Stream Marketing, LLC

You have more choices than ever when it comes to marketing opportunities. A marketing strategy might include writing valuable content for your audience, e-mail campaigns, social media engagement, e-books, trade shows and more. None of these ideas in themselves will guarantee you great results. A... Read more »

By M/C/C

Marketing Consulting and Strategic Planning Services from M/C/C include: Market research; brand strategy; message development; and, project management. M/C/C believes that every strategy starts with the realities of the past and present – what customers perceive and want, what conditions affect... Read more »

By Jackson Marketing Group

JMG's marketing consulting services include: brand development; mission/vision development; business, marketing and communication plans; integrated media planning and implementation; market research and competitive intelligence; database management; CRM strategies; metrics, tracking and... Read more »

By LoopFuse Inc

Dashboards provide a real-time, up-to-the-minute view across all of your Sales and Marketing activities, down to fine-grained detail on touchpoints with prospects, companies, CRM Leads, and CRM Contacts. From Email Marketing open and click rates, to the number of Leads created per hour within... Read more »

By MeritDirect

MeritDirect is the industry leader in leveraging database marketing to improve customer retention, reactivation, and acquisition. From our cooperative, list-specific database, MeritBase to our Private Databases we provide scalable solutions that leverage superior hygiene and data to decrease... Read more »

By Winsper

Winsper provides hands-on expertise to marketing organizations that are undergoing a transformation into more contemporary operations (including online/digital/mobile marketing), leveraging best practices processes, metrics management, and technology infrastructure supporting the entire enterprise. Read more »

By Winsper

Winsper's marketing IT consulting services are intended to help its clients to: define a strategic roadmap and fiscal ROI for marketing transformation; identify key goals and objectives to achieve business needs; audit integration of marketing IT with other applications; build or refine... Read more »


Bulletproof support, maintenance, and enhancement services designed to keep your investments growing. -Website and mobile app enhancement and optimization -Hosting and maintenance -Development operations and support -Analytics and reporting -Performance audits and testing Read more »

By Marketing Operations Partners

Complete self-paced course: 9 classes. * Master the operational components of marketing: strategy, guidance, processes, metrics, technology, infrastructure and ecosystem * Build your business case for operational excellence * Achieve shared vision and cross-organizational results via systems... Read more »

By Clarity Quest Marketing

If success is your destination, a robust marketing plan is your GPS. If your company wants to take it to the next level, look to us for marketing strategy plans that work. Whether you need your first marketing plan or fresh eyes on your market, our seasoned marketing professionals can help.... Read more »

By SalesFUSION, Inc

SalesFUSION 360 provides a robust reporting solution for marketing professionals. Performance dashboards from SalesFUSION allows users to create user-specific views of critical lead, sales and marketing data. You can subscribe and distribute reports in a variety of formats. Report delivery is... Read more »

By LoopFuse Inc

In-depth reports designed to aid marketers in establishing actionable insight to their lead generation, capture and qualification methodologies. Our Reporting module covers every aspect of marketing across your database, including: prospects, website analytics, visiting companies, email... Read more »

By DMDatabases.Com

20+ years in extensive analytical services to aid our clients in identifying who their customers and helping them to understanding their customer's behaivior. Read more »

By Marketing Operations Partners

To sustain momentum during rapid growth periods, align marketing and corporate vision; clarify roles and responsibilities; streamline and integrate processes; and empower agility and responsiveness. How we can help you adopt best practices: * Define your marketing charter and associated roles,... Read more »

By US Data Corporation

Establishing a successful marketing strategy will help make your business come alive. Marketing strategies of today are comprised much like many modern financial portfolios - using diversified techniques. A key element of any direct marketing strategy is a fresh, accurate marketing sales list.... Read more »

By Integrate

Integrate’s marketing software delivers complete control over performance, programmatic and premium marketing and media programs. Read more »

By Pulsecast Solutions Group

Companies, on a global scale, are making significant investments in an effort to become new economy enterprises. They deserve an outsource partner that exceeds expectations. In today's fast-paced B2B and B2C business environments, it's whom you outsource to and what they know that makes the... Read more »

By iris Chicago

-Brand strategy: Brand positioning, Brand architecture, Brand and product portfolio, Branding/corporate identity -Market entry/Product launch strategy: Product positioning, Awareness generation, Launch activities, Geo-marketing, Touchpoint strategy -Lifecycle and communication strategy:... Read more »

By Pulsecast Solutions Group

Our emSHARE® approach generates customercentricity, reaching the right customers with the right message through the right channel, with a higher marketing ROI which helps client’s monopolize their marketplace. We develop the following strategies: • Strategic Market Planning (Development &... Read more »

By Godfrey

Godfrey offers consulting services for helping forward its clients' business objectives by establishing a core of original insight, targeted strategy and bold conceptual focus. The result is a unified B2B campaign that engages audiences with ideas that lead to action. Helping clients to define a... Read more »

By iris Chicago

Pepper believes that a deep knowledge of its clients' customers, industry and products is the basis of a truly successful marketing strategy. As an experienced dialogue marketing agency, Pepper combines these insights with forward-thinking marketing strategy consulting and cutting-edge analytics... Read more »

By Onstream Media

Onstream Media is partnered with Fastlane Communications, a communications, design and technology agency. Fastlane works with companies across all industries – including publishers, associations, tradeshow organizers, entrepreneurs and enterprises of all sizes – to generate traffic and leads,... Read more »

By SIGMA Marketing Insights

Success in database marketing requires a marriage of technology, analytical and marketing expertise. The most successful marketing technology implementations combine flexible tools that match the skills, plans, and budgets of the marketers who use them. But it all starts with data. A... Read more »

By B2B International USA Inc

B2B International offers Marketing and Market Research training courses which follow the principles of: Learn > Practice > Apply > Implement Learn the concept, model or tool See how others have practiced its application successfully Apply the concept, model or tool to your own... Read more »

By Onstream Media

MarketPlace365 is an interactive, online gathering space that can connect organizations with their target groups virtually and cost-effectively to reinforce relationships, generate business leads and grow revenue. MarketPlace365 offers video streaming, live chats, social interaction, virtual... Read more »

By Data Services, Inc.

Has a direct mailing driven your customers to make an internet purchase or are they true web buyers? Tracing internet sales back to the original source can be a challenge for mailers. Are these Direct Mail Responders? On average, over 50% of web purchases cannot be traced back to their... Read more »

By Mazzone Marketing Group, LLC

Based in Brooklyn, New York - the borough made famous by Coney Island, Nathan’s Hot Dogs, and the bridge that bears its name - Mazzone Marketing Group, LLC (MMG), and its All Access Mailing Lists, All Access List Management and All Access List Brokerage divisions meet the list compilation, list... Read more »

By MagiCubes

This 3D Dimensional Advertising Promotional Puzzle Cube unfolds to reveal 9 or 12 custom 4C panels on ONE interactive promotional device. Show off your products and services in style, and effectively communicate your marketing agenda with the Magic Cube! Great for direct marketing or product... Read more »

By iris Chicago

-Awareness and visibility: Launch campaigns, Image campaigns, Social media awareness campaigns (including reputation management), Positioning campaigns -Lead nurturing and demand generation: Lead generation, Demand generation, Lead nurturing, Attack campaigns, Fan communities -Retention... Read more »

By iris Chicago

-Dialog Offline: Direct Mail (DM), Magazines, Postcards -Dialog Online incl. email marketing: eDMs, eNewsletter, email marketing -Social media: Social media marketing, Virtual events, Social CRM/Social marketing with partners -Websites: Website optimization, Landing pages, Registration forms,... Read more »

By Strategic Domain

Consumer, trade and professional Online and traditional planning Placement, audits and monitoring Read more »

By Godfrey

Media today is everywhere – in all forms. B2B companies need to determine the right media mix to successfully reach and engage their audience. Godfrey’s comprehensive strategic media programs include audience research, print, online, analytics, search, mobile and much more. Our approach is... Read more »

By Davis Harrison Dion

Message delivery that's strategic, visible, measurable. It’s not often that a midsized agency has an in-house media department of top-notch professionals. It’s even rarer to have an agency partner as the media director. But Sue Harrison’s career in pursuit of media excellence adds a powerful... Read more »

By World Innovators, Inc.

You know your audience and we know where to find them. With expertise in the specialized B2B sector, we know what type of messages & channels resonate with certain titles and industries. Below are a few of the Global B2B Media sources that have a proven track record of performing. Media Kits... Read more »

By M/C/C

With media consumers seeking information and entertainment through vehicles as diverse as mobile phone applications, social networks, blogs and news feeds, our media tactics often cast a much narrower (but better targeted) net than our competitors. Instead of recommending that our clients invest... Read more »

By Integrate

The Integrate media marketplace allows marketers to execute integrated marketin strategies across 20 online, offline and mobile marekting channels within 100+ vertical market. Utilize various media tactics to meet your budget and objectives: Cost per Mille (CPM), Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per... Read more »

By Adventive Marketing, Inc.

Creating the media/PR plan to keep the information you want to impart in front of your target audience. Once the message strategy has been developed we swing into action, creating a media outreach program that ensures that the right publications, blogs and social sites are both receiving and... Read more »

By RB Marketing Communications

RBMC develops integrated Web and print ad media plans that reach identifiable target industrial and technology markets with qualified buyers. Read more »

By Jackson Marketing Group

We're experienced in both traditional and nontraditional media. So we can bridge the gap between the two—and mix and match as necessary—to find the most cost-efficient and cost-effective media solutions for your needs. Our two most powerful weapons? The art of negotiation and MediaLogic™. One... Read more »

By Geile Leon Marketing Communications

Buying media in St. Louis, regionally or nationally is nothing new to Geile/Leon. For us, it’s all about the science of hitting the right audience at the right time. Why reach uninterested audiences when you can speak to those who are already predisposed to buying your product or service? At... Read more »

By Estey-Hoover | Orange County Advertising Agency & Public Relations Firm

Media planning, buying and coordination for all media including TV, radio, Internet, newspapers, magazines, outdoor,transit, cable, Yellow Pages, and all others. Read more »

By Rise Interactive

Rise is an online media planning company that is committed to maximizing the number of new customers our clients acquire for the lowest possible cost. Planning and implementing a competitive online media strategy is at the core of everything we do, but it's also an all-encompassing service we... Read more »

By Communication Strategy Group

Communication Strategy Group can help you build strong media skills so you or your spokespersons can stand out to a busy reporter and be quoted without sounding unprepared. We will then work with you to assess and evaluate spokespeople and quote sources for additional skills coaching as... Read more »

By Red House Global Brand Architects

Red House and its principals have decades of experience marketing medical brands. Our years of experience cover almost every aspect of the field of medicine. Why is this important? Because knowing more than just your business adds a level of insight that many other firms can't match. For... Read more »

By America's Call Center

HIPAA Compliant call center for any medical inbound services Read more »

By MC²

MC² is nationally recognized provider of corporate meeting and event planning services including corporate general sessions, special events and high-end entertainment. Our turnkey services include booking and production, meeting logistics, graphics production, and deployment. We listen to your... Read more »

By OnSite Events Inc

At OnSite Events, we feel meetings and conferences are much more than a definition in a book. They represent a complex equation that can be defined as: (PEOPLE x SURROUNDINGS) + (CONTENT x PLANNING) = SUCCESS. OnSite Events listens to our clients to understand the goals of each individual... Read more »

By Geo Strategy Partners

Our middle market mergers and acquisitions practice is an extension of our market research and strategy services. As we help our clients develop growth strategies and identify market opportunities, we are often asked to apply this knowledge and market insights to identify strategic acquisition... Read more »

By McCracken Advisory Partners

McCracken Advisory Partners provide M&A Advisory Services exclusively in the Marketing Services and Technologies sectors. Read more »

By LeadMD

The right message is where it all starts. Unfortunately for many marketers, that’s also where it ends. How can we track what messages are working and engage your most valuable leads? Answer: combine art with science. By combining the right marketing platform with the know-how to run it,... Read more »

By StrongView

Message Studio is an enterprise-grade, cross-channel campaign management platform that puts power into the hands of marketers to automate and optimize successful cross-channel campaigns driven off of real-time data. Features include: drag-and-drop marketing automation; easy design, proofing,... Read more »

By OnMessage

At OnMessage, we embrace three simple but essential truths about effective messaging. IT IS MORE THAN WORDS For too many years, messaging has been driven by tactics and vehicles (i.e. we need ad copy, we need to update our website message, we need a new sales presentation). This fragmented, ad... Read more »

By ExactTarget

At ExactTarget, your interactive marketing communications are managed across all channels with sophisticated yet easy-to-use technology that goes beyond targeted email marketing to incorporate SMS, Voice Messaging, Social Marketing, and Websites. Whether your organization is comprised of a... Read more »

By Premier Promotional Products

Promotional Printed or Engraved Torches are a Lovely Gift to Show Your Appreciation to a Loyal Customer, as an Incentive for Employees, or as a Giveaway Item at a Trade Show or Exhibition. This Particular Torch Comes with 3x AAA Batteries Included and the Minimum Order Quantity is 25 Units. We... Read more »

By Dataman Group Direct

Millennial Prospect Lists Millennials, born between 1980 and 2000 have grown up in a time of rapid change, giving them a set of priorities and expectations that differ sharply from previous generations. Their personas have been shaped by 9/11 and the 2008 financial crisis, and, according to the Pew Report, this has... Read more »

By Mazzone Marketing Group, LLC

Reach executives by titles who work for non-profit tax-exempt organizations, clubs, associations and institutions, nationwide. Asset size of the organization is also selectable. Read more »

By Mazzone Marketing Group, LLC

The Donors on this file are all the Political Donors who have donated a minimum of $ 250.00 to the party or candidate of their choice. This file offers selections for Party Affiliation, Donation Amount, Multi-Donors and over 100 Demographic/Lifestyle segments. This file allows you to deliver... Read more »

By ST Digital

Targeting core customers on the device that 90% of people are using to gather their information on a daily basis. Read more »

By LeapFrog Interactive

+ Emerging Platform Strategy + Mobile, Tablet and App Design and Development + Digital Signage and Touch Technology + Mobile Messaging + Digital Publishing + Advergaming, Branded Entertainment and Widgets + Digital Retail, POP and POS Read more »

By Oneupweb

- Mobile website development - Custom iPhone application development - Custom solutions Read more »

By Webolutions

Globally, there are over 1.4 billion mobile phone subscribers in the world today; 193 million of those subscribers are from the United States. According to a recent eMarketer study, there will be a predicted 844 million mobile search users worldwide by 2011. With the number of mobile searchers... Read more »

By JGSullivan Interactive

JGSullivan's online marketing platform provides the tools its clients need to reach today’s consumers, including: pay-per-click; search engine marketing; digital advertising; mobile search advertising; click-to-call; mobile landing pages; online display advertising; Facebook ads and brand pages;... Read more »

By Global Intellisystems

Affordably reaching your customers, clients, or list members on their mobile devices, quickly, is no easy task. Whether it is to alert them of a sale, important stock trade, or even to alert residents of an approaching wildfire, you need speed, accuracy, and reliability. That is what Global... Read more »

By Dataman Group Direct

Mortgage Lists Dataman Group offers you specialized prospect programs and mortgage mailing lists geared to helping you reach new customers. Our lists of renters help you pinpoint 1st time home buyer. Our lists of mortgage prospects will help you create qualified mortgage leads designed for top response! Our... Read more »

By US Data Corporation

Identify potential customers for second mortgages, refinancing, home equity loans, insurance offers, and more with US Data's Mortgage File. It’s easy to select the perfect mix that tailors your prospect list in exact accord with your offer. This degree of detail gives lenders, insurers, and... Read more »

By MeritDirect

MeritDirect's multichannel data & media services include email marketing campaign management and execution capabilities such as email list management, email list brokerage and email delivery solutions, including assisting with email list development and list segmentation utilizing demographic,... Read more »

By Ampliz

Ampliz offers Multichannel Marketing solutions to suit the needs of organizations, advertisers, and marketers. Expertise in simultaneous strategies enables you to reach out to customers without leads turning cold. We customize multichannel strategies to offer the right mix of marketing solutions... Read more »

By SalesFUSION, Inc

As the number of marketing channels grow, many professionals are overwhelmed with the inability to manage campaigns that contain multiple steps and media elements. It can be difficult to track a PPC campaign in and of itself, but throw in print, social, email and radio...and you can quickly... Read more »

By Fathom | Online Marketing

Fathom SEO created the "Battle Plan" to lower marketing costs and increase market share using a coordinated "Land, Sea and Air" attack. The plan leverages your website, paid and organic search, Internet video, onsite lead conversion tools and follow-up email marketing. All of these services... Read more »

By WalkerTek Interactive Marketing

We utilize a variety of presentation “tools” to create exciting, engaging experiences for your customers. These platforms enable you to enhance their understanding of your product and provide motivation to take action. Animation, video, professional narration, music, motion graphics, green... Read more »

By MVP Visuals

Our Mural Stretch Table Covers are a stretch polyester material featuring an all over print trade show table cover. Place your logo anywhere! We offer the following sizes: 1. Standard 6 ft (6x30x30) 2. Standard 8 ft (8x30x30) 3. 30x42 cocktail table cover Read more »

By BestMark Mystery Shopping

Results don’t happen by accident. Companies that create consistently exceptional customer experiences do not succeed because they always hire better employees or offer better products at lower prices; they succeed because they build carefully aligned systems that everyone in the organization... Read more »