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By Dark Horse Marketing

Dark Horse Marketing is an integrated marketing and digital design firm. Dark Horse provides strategic marketing consulting, brand development, graphic and multimedia design, and digital services - each using proven processes that have been refined over numerous projects. By combining high-level... Read more »

By Global Intellisystems

Available for ANY email marketer using ANY email marketing vendor! Did you know that over 90% of email marketers have delivery issues they don't know about? Chances are good you are part of that group. Our DAS will monitor your deliveries 24/7 and will notify you when we find an issue with... Read more »

By Base Element

Designing meaningful solutions to meet business, marketing and communication needs requires the collection and analysis of data that can translated into actionable information. It is an ongoing process that entails capturing and integrating data throughout every step of the customer journey.This... Read more »

By MeritDirect

THE PRIMARY goal of MeritDirect’s Data & Media Services Division is to maximize the performance of our managed list properties. We offer multi-channel services that include executing aggressive marketing programs for our list clients, as well as a pro-active sales strategy. Our Data & Media... Read more »

By MediaWhiz Inc

To effectively target the right consumer, you have to acquire the right data that will convert to a sale. MediaWhiz Data Acquisition will power up a customized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program that will help you acquire customers more profitably and build customer value. Read more »

By Ampliz

Our platform is a dynamic storage system containing emails, phone numbers, mailing addresses, and social media profiles added through data appending solutions. Read more »

By DataCaptive

Appending Data is the process of filling in voids in datasets with accurate & current data. Our Appending Service will fulfill all your requirements of full contact details, email addresses and social media profile information that may be essential for your multi-channel marketing efforts. Our... Read more »

By US Data Corporation

Visit this page to see a few examples of our us for more information on these and other files. Read more »

By Global Intellisystems

Your Data is Priceless! Having an email address on your mailing list is great. But what if you could collect more than just an email address. What if you could have a form on your website that asked questions of your visitors, list members, or customers, and store that data into your list, or... Read more »

By Alesco Data

Data Enhancement Alesco’s Data Enhancement services add additional information to your database, as well as verifies the data you already have. Our service begins by standardizing and validating your current data set. Once your records are clean, we append missing or incomplete information and enhance your... Read more »

By NCRI Lists and Marketing Services

NCRI combines hundreds of data elements from multiple sources to help you gain further insight on your customers. You can leverage this insight to improve your marketing efforts by increasing response from current customers, as well as identifying receptive look-alikes. NCRI’s Data Enhancement... Read more »

By Alesco Data

Data Hygiene Dirty data can significantly hamper marketing performance. Improve your overall data quality with our comprehensive Data Hygiene services. We offer a range of Data Hygiene solutions that may be used on a stand-alone basis or in combination to dramatically improve the accuracy of your data.... Read more »

By Bulldog Media Group, Inc.

Data Management means leveraging an existing list to maximize return-on-investment (ROI). Infusion Strategies makes it easy for you to acquire, retain and develop valuable customers. We will help you reach more of your market. Our comprehensive lists provide businesses with a fast and... Read more »

By Polaris Direct

Polaris Direct is committed to keeping our clients’ data safe and secure, every day of the year. We are HITRUST CSF Certified for our facility and production system, ISO 27001 certified for Information Security and Data Management, as well as SOC 2 Type II compliant, all of which means we’ve... Read more »

By US Data Corporation

Telephone Append Services * Increase the value of your in-house data by adding verified telephone numbers from US Data. * Phone Append - adds or corrects the consumer telephone numbers in your database. * Reverse Phone Append - adds name and address information to your list of... Read more »

By Discovery Data

Our data services help ensure you are communicating with the right clients and prospects in a cost-effective manner, while optimizing resources. Our data services help ensure that you are communicating with the right clients and prospects in a cost-effective manner, while optimizing resources.... Read more »


We harness the power of data in service of creating better experiences, making them more context aware, more timely, more useful. -Data audit and opportunity definition -Data-driven interaction planning and strategy -API design and development -Algorithm design and deployment -Customer analytics Read more »

By Acxiom

Data solutions from Acxiom include: data integration, data enhancement, renting & licensing data solutions, and more. Contact the company to learn more. Read more »

By Ampliz

Get 100% reliable customer contacts using Ampliz. Read more »

By Teradata Corporation

Along with the largest and most experienced staff of Data Warehousing Consultants, Teradata offers you a comprehensive and robust portfolio of Data Warehouse Services to help you get the most out of your investment. Because Teradata provides a truly unique solution based on the simplicity of a... Read more »

By MarkSYS

MarkSYS can create a custom, targeted list for your mail or telemarketing needs. We have aligned ourselves with the industry's top data compilers, which allows us to bring you the most up-to-date at wholesale prices. Available data types include but not limited to – occupant, consumer, mortgage,... Read more »

By Sales Inside Inc

Current data is critical to marketing campaign success “Change is the only permanent thing in the world” is a famous quote. And this applies to business data as well. All your contact data is dynamic and keeps changing. People change jobs, relocate, get promoted and so on. As a result their... Read more »

By KERN An Omnicom Agency

KERNs database marketing develops targeted campaigns using data-driven insights for powerful results. Our database marketing can help your company achieve its marketing goals. Success is in the data. KERN drives client strategy based on data insights. Data insights drive targeting, which is... Read more »

By Focus3, Inc.

Database Services F3’s data services will improve your database performance. We are the best in the business in: Buyer Profile Analysis Data Validation Data Cleansing Lifestyle/Interest Appending Demographic Information Updates Data Appending (email, phone, NCOA and more) And more… Read more »

By Discovery Data

Our Financial Services Industry database is the only one of its kind, providing a single view of extensive information on all broker-dealer (BD) and investment advisory (RIA) firms, 2,400 trust companies and over 640,000 professionals. We have spent over ten years refining our data collection... Read more »

By NCRI Lists and Marketing Services

At NCRI, our goal is to improve our customer’s bottom line. To that end, we provide extensive data on more than 230 million consumers and virtually every household in the United States. Our prospect files are updated weekly, monthly, and quarterly. We offer innovative techniques that tap into... Read more »

By Return Path , Inc.

Let’s face it. You’d much rather spend time developing a great email campaign than worrying about deliverability. Return Path’s powerful monitoring tools quickly identify problems interfering with campaign success, so you can put your attention where it’s needed. Our comprehensive tool set... Read more »

By Return Path , Inc.

Mailbox Monitor Campaign Preview Blacklist Alert Reputation Monitor Return Path Certification for Shared IPs Read more »

By KPI Analytics, Inc.

Services to help customers with tactical marketing support to effectively implement, execute and support short/near term sales and marketing objectives. Demand Concierge project examples include: -Lead Qualification and Nurturing -Targeted Industry or Segment Outreach (Promotions, Updates,... Read more »

By The Mx Group

Bringing in leads has always been Marketing’s responsibility. But for many marketers, that responsibility is getting more stressful every day. Bringing in enough leads is a daily challenge: According to B2B Marketing, 85% of marketers are under pressure to generate more leads. And Marketing... Read more »

By Faction Media

B2B demand creation is evolving at a breakneck speed. Rapidly changing buyer behaviors are influencing new strategies and tactics all the time. And progressive marketing technologies and organizational shifts between sales and marketing now challenge the modern marketer in ways never seen... Read more »

By Catalyst, Inc.

We produce inbound and outbound marketing programs that facilitate interaction between you and qualified prospects. Read more »

By eTrigue

eTrigue DemandCenter - Marketing Automation for the Rest of Us® To be successful, marketers need inbound and outbound marketing tools that are easy to use, loaded with capability and don’t require a crowd of specialists to operate effectively. DemandCenter is that solution. It’s... Read more »

By eTrigue

To be successful, marketers need inbound and outbound marketing tools that are easy to use, loaded with capability and don’t require a crowd of specialists to operate effectively. DemandCenter is that solution. It’s cost-effective, plays well with others and is up and running quickly. - Touch... Read more »

By ExactTarget

Appearance Affects Performance With ExactTarget's Email Design Services, we'll help you create professional messages that will build your brand and inspire your customers to take action. Our experts know email design better than anyone else in the email marketing industry. And 100% of their... Read more »

By The Mx Group

Over the past few years, the amount of marketing content out there has exploded. With more channels and fewer barriers, B2B marketers have countless ways to spread their message. Today’s challenge isn’t how to reach buyers. It’s how to do it right. According to Demand Gen Report, 61% of B2B... Read more »

By SalesForce creates the leading customer service application, which helps fast-growing companies deliver outstanding customer support.'s intuitive user interface and powerful features make solving customers' problems more efficient for the entire company. Plus, is the only... Read more »

By Atomic

Atomic has worked with many of the Web 2.0 and social networking brands that sparked the social media revolution, and we've been active participants in these communities from the beginning. The agency's combined communications knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of the new media... Read more »

By JGSullivan Interactive

The digital Ad Builder portal built on JGSullivan’s marcom platform creates brand-friendly banner ads, email campaigns, Google landing pages, microsites, mobile sites and more for retailers. In 1996, it was just about printed material. Now, you also have to have website content, Facebook... Read more »

By Digital Firefly Marketing

Digital advertising services from Digital Firefly include: pay-per-click advertising setup; creation of text, image and video ads; ongoing campaign management; Google AdWords support; Bing campaigns; Yahoo! ads; Facebook ads; LinkedIn ads; other paid banner ads; and, analytics of all search... Read more »

By Godfrey

Godfrey helps B2B companies shift from print-only programs to multi-layered digital advertising campaigns with web banners, social media, custom mobile apps and more. We’re constantly cross-training in emerging media. And always mastering those timeless game-changing plays—the insightful,... Read more »

By Jivaldi, LLC

Jivladi's digital advertising services include: design and creative direction; conversion rate optimization and analytics; and consulting and strategy. Click on the 'click for phone' or 'send an email' link to contact Jivaldi to learn more about its digital/Internet advertising services. Read more »

By Winsper

Winsper blends the science and art of customer engagement to help devise and develop cross-channel communications campaigns, including digital advertising and social media campaigns, to acquire brand mindshare and revenue market share. What its clients get: Increased efficiency and... Read more »

By JGSullivan Interactive

The JGSullivan Interactive digital asset management platform is an Enterprise Content Management system (ECM), which combines the power of a world-class digital asset management system with the flexibility and customization of the JGSullivan proprietary Ad Builder/Customizer. The system is... Read more »

By elevation marketing

Canyon's digital branding/online marketing creative services include: website design; digital/email marketing; mobile app design; interactive presentations; e-Learning/training; and, video production. Companies hire us because they know good creative isn’t enough. Getting attention is just the... Read more »


New competitors and a world of never-ending choices mean shifting strategies and tactics to reach new audiences and reinvigorate current and former customers. Audience engagement and customer journey strategy Engagement and nurture campaigns Customer acquisition and loyalty consulting Marketing... Read more »

By LW Marketing & Consulting

Digital Marketing – Boost Your Brand Be the Brand Consumers Choose LW Marketing offers businesses the opportunity to utilize digital marketing in a whole new way. Staying in front of your customers and clients with digital marketing technology is the easiest way to get your marketing message... Read more »

By Cramer

It can move mountains. Or at least brand awareness, audience engagement, loyalty, and sales. Digital marketing is a compact term for a broad discipline. It’s often defined by its output—websites, apps, banner ads, SEO, podcasts, email. But we define it as the place where engineering, art,... Read more »

By CGT Marketing

Digital Marketing No matter what type of business you’re in there are loads of highly effective marketing opportunities online. From search marketing, to retargeting programs, to lead generation campaigns, every business should include some form of Digital Marketing in their overall marketing efforts. The key is... Read more »

By Digital Firefly Marketing

In order to make sure its clients' marketing dollars are spent wisely, the first objective of Digital Firefly's digital marketing consultation services is to understand the client's business goals. Some of the questions asked may seem obvious, such as: •How much revenue does the client want out... Read more »

By Antics Digital Marketing

Antics is a full-service agency that helps companies plan and execute digital marketing campaigns to build awareness, increase engagement, nurture prospects, and deliver qualified leads. The agency has a comprehensive suite of services including: strategy and messaging, digital advertising,... Read more »

By Antics Digital Marketing

Antics is a full-service agency that plans and executes digital marketing and advertising campaigns to build awareness, increase engagement, nurture prospects, and deliver qualified leads. The agency has a comprehensive suite of services including: strategy and messaging, digital advertising,... Read more »

By East Coast Catalyst

Interim CMO / VP-Marketing support Program management and oversight (website planning, design, development, launch) Online marketing program management (display, email, search, social media) Digital measurement and analytics (monthly/quarterly reporting, performance improvement... Read more »

By Geile Leon Marketing Communications

As a full-service interactive marketing agency in St. Louis, we build, design, and embellish websites to drive the maximum amount of traffic and keep them coming back. Understanding how to utilize the web to promote and sell products and services is absolutely essential for any company hoping to... Read more »

By East Coast Catalyst

Corporate and business unit digital strategy formulation Competitive benchmarking and best practice research Digital marketing audits and diagnostics Agency and interactive media audits / benchmarking ROI modeling and measurement strategy Market opportunity assessments Digital... Read more »

By iris Chicago

Pepper's portfolio of digital/email marketing campaign management and execution & communication services are designed to help businesses address specific marketing challenges and engage with external, internal and channel audiences. These services include: strategy and customer journey... Read more »

By iris Chicago

As a full service marketing and communications agency, Pepper delivers a wide portfolio of digital advertising services along the customer lifecycle and across all digital communication channels including: digital advertising strategy and customer journey; eNewsletter strategy and development;... Read more »

By M/C/C

Digital/Internet advertising services from M/C/C include: Web design/development; Web banners and other forms of digital/Internet advertising; online media management (including blog design, development and maintenance); email marketing campaigns; touch-enabled graphics and interfaces for mobile... Read more »

By Intrado

The Direct Event conferencing service allows you to take advantage of the scalability and customization of Operator Assisted conferencing combined with the convenience of Automated conferencing. Participants join your large event conference call by entering a passcode, eliminating the need to be... Read more »

By AgencyAxis

Our experienced direct response team has been providing direct mail services for over 30 years. Campaign Development Offer Development Creative List Acquisition Production Sweeptakes, Contests & Giveaways A/B and Multivariate Testing Landing Pages Tell us more about your direct... Read more »

By MarkSYS

MarkSYS has developed a state of the art portal that allows you to upload your direct mail campaign with ease, track your jobs in process, obtain proofs of delivery, and even track the mail throughout the postal stream to verify in-home delivery. Read more »

By Marketing Lists Direct

Direct mail marketing techniques have been proven to be a winning strategy for any businesses wishing to increase targeted awareness of their company and the service or products they offer. Whether your goal is to identify new prospects, increase sales, up-sell new or additional services to... Read more »

By SmartPractice

Get more new patients with SmartPractice Direct Mail Marketing! Marketing your practice shouldn’t feel overwhelming or be expensive. Partner with our Direct Mail Experts to create a one-of-a-kind marketing campaign. Whether you are looking to target new residents in the area or send out monthly... Read more »

By AgencyAxis

Our direct marketing team members are one-to-one marketing experts. We can help you isolate your target markets, determine the proper direct marketing mix, then implement the turn-key campaigns to nurture your customers, generate leads, or create sales. Direct Mail Email Marketing... Read more »

By MLT Creative

Direct marketing has long been a productive tool in our clients’ arsenals, and we remain firm believers in its ability to augment campaigns and produce measurable results. Read more »

By NM Marketing Communications

Targeting customers with a well-conceived direct marketing campaign is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools. With an effective, professional campaign, you can personalize your message, accurately measure results and repeat successful campaigns. To succeed, a direct marketing campaign... Read more »

By Catalyst, Inc.

Catalyst produces inbound and outbound demand generation marketing programs that facilitate interaction between its clients and qualified prospects. In addition to direct response email marketing campaign management and execution, Catalyst provides demand generation services such as: advertising... Read more »

By MediaWhiz Inc

Think of the last time you were researching travel deals online. How many banner ads have you seen subsequently for cheap flights or hotel sales? That’s the power of display advertising and precise targeting. And power translates to heightened consumer engagement, increased click-throughs and... Read more »

By Rise Interactive

Rise Interactive, a Chicago based banner advertising agency, executes display advertising campaigns that deliver exposure, traffic and conversions. Whether your objective is to generate leads, sell product or simply expose your brand, the Rise team queries its proprietary database to identify... Read more »

By Oneupweb

- Online Media Planning and Placement - Targeting - Retargeting - Flash Banner Ad Design - Landing Page Design - Analytics Read more »

By Dataman Group Direct

Donor Lists for Non-Profits Donor Lists Available for Direct Mail, Telemarketing and Email Deployments Our Donor Lists are designed to provide your non-profit with solid prospects for your agency’s fund raising efforts. The data used in our Donors lists is derived from two sources. First of all, we have lists of donors... Read more »

By MVP Visuals

Eye Catching up to 21 foot tall flags. Swiveling yoke ensures tangle free action. Durable Bright 200 denier nylon pennants. Easy to install and transport. Install or remove in seconds. Read more »

By DQ Global

Match is a deduplication and cross matching data quality tool designed to work directly with your database(s) or CRM applications. Delivering duplicate free and correctly formatted data. Read more »

By Premier Promotional Products

Branded drawstring bags are a great promotional item for events such as exhibitions and trade shows. With a lovely sized branding area, your logo will stand out from the crowd. Contact us for a quote! Read more »