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  • Birnbach Impact Communications By Birnbach Communications, Inc.

    The Birnbach Impact Communications offerings include: • Readiness Assessment: This component addresses not only the startup's messaging, positioning and PR content, but also evaluates its internal infrastructure, product maturity and other key variables to make sure the startup is ready for a... Read More
  • B2B Business Database By Stirista, LLC

    41,773,541 Million Verified Business Profiles 23,553,492 Million Verified Business E-Mails Stirista's groundbreaking technology combines publicly accessible social media data with traditional direct marketing resources to provide one of the most comprehensive real-time business directories in... Read More
  • B2B Database By Infotanks Media

    Infotanks Media compiles, manages and owns 50 million B2B Industry data across the globe covering all Industries and sectors with all variety of titles within an organization. Read More
  • B2B Email Marketing By Marketo

    Marketo email marketing software creates triggered and multi-step email campaigns that automatically deepen prospect relationships over time. Get the latest email deliverability technology. Design professional emails using templates, our WYSIWYG editor, or by importing your own HTML. Send... Read More
  • B2B Email Marketing Campaign Management and Execution By Godfrey

    Communicating directly with customers and prospects has always been an important part of B2B marketing. Godfrey creates effective sales lead programs using digital, direct and relationship marketing techniques to achieve real ROI, including email marketing campaigns and list management services. Read More
  • B2B Internet Advertising By TriComB2B

    TriComB2B believes that B2B Internet advertising requires precise focus that considers what’s needed at every point of the buying cycle, which in B2B is longer, more complicated and predominantly based on the buyer’s own research. Understanding what drives customers to take action is what makes... Read More
  • B2B Internet/Online Marketing By TriComB2B

    The Internet/Online marketing capabilities of TriComB2B include: digital advertising, website development and optimization, digital video and animation, social media marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), online events, online content development and more. Read More
  • B2B Lead Generation By Grindstone, Inc.

    Sales Lead Generation is a must have for nearly all businesses, whether you are a small business or a Fortune 500 company. The purpose is simple; find prospective businesses with the appropriate pain points that your products and services eliminate. We want your prospects to see your products... Read More
  • B2B Lead Generation By Home-Base USA

    Home-Base USA excels in B2B lead generation, and our services are designed to increase your sales and revenue, reduce your overall cost-per-sale and leverage our expertise to benefit your business. Lead generation requires a specific skill set, developed through years of experience. Our... Read More
  • B2B Lists By World Innovators, Inc.

    Finding quality reputable sources for your marketing campaign is very difficult because - - Lists are being promoted under different names. - Compiled files are being marketed as response files. - Publications are folding and Companies are being bought. The only way to uncover quality... Read More
  • B2B market research By Circle Research

    Circle is a specialist B2B market research company. We help clients to understand what, and how, their stakeholders think – whether they are customers, prospects, employees, or opinion formers like the media. The issues we help to address are diverse. However, we have particular expertise in... Read More
  • B2B Marketing Services By CGT Marketing

    It’s not so much about the product itself, but more about the people using it, so fully understanding your customer’s needs is vital before you implement any sort of strategy. Although B2B Marketing may sound rather similar to B2C Marketing, the two are completely different. The B2B meaning is... Read More
  • B2B Marketing Strategy By The Mx Group

    Bringing in leads has always been Marketing’s responsibility. But for many marketers, that responsibility is getting more stressful every day. Bringing in enough leads is a daily challenge: According to B2B Marketing, 85% of marketers are under pressure to generate more leads. And Marketing... Read More
  • B2B Mobile Marketing By AgencyAxis

    Cell phones, smartphones and tablets each bring unique opportunities and technologies to the marketing arena. Our mobile experts will ensure you're utilizing mobile technologies and strategies to the fullest in your marketing mix. Mobile Website Design SMS Marketing Mobile Display... Read More
  • B2B Research Services By Primary Point, Inc.

    Primary Point (PPI) has market research experience across a broad range of industry, solution, and service categories. We also have a complete set of proprietary methodologies, techniques, and procedures designed to enable and optimize project success. This experience, along with the... Read More
  • B2B Sales Outsourcing By Home-Base USA

    Home-Base USA offers full sales cycle outsourcing! From start to finish, our experienced telesales agents will make contact with a company, uncover a need to utilize your products or services and close the deal over the phone for you. Our telesales agents have the most experience in the... Read More
  • B2B Web Design & Development By Top Floor Technologies

    The B2B/B2C web design and development services of Top Floor Technologies includes: Strategy (for finding the best way to speak to customers with websites, moving them and prospects along in the buying process, and keeping business objectives first and foremost while integrating user- and... Read More
  • Backdrop Drapes By MVP Visuals

    Available with or without print. Screen printing or full color dye sub printed drapes. Custom sizes available. Standard is 95" tall for standard 8' high pipe systems. Flame Retardant fabrics or Basic Polyester. Pleated or non pleated styles. Trade show drapes includes GV Clips or S Hooks... Read More
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions By ProTech Data

    Managed Data Backup Solutions Critical file backup and off-site data storage Automatic data backup Online Backup Solutions Backup and Disaster Recovery Data Backup Planning Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning Extended archiving Disaster Preparation and Recovery 24/7... Read More
  • Bamboo Pen By EcoBrander Promos

    Eco promotional ballpoint pen features a sustainable bamboo barrel and plunger-style tip. Non-petroleum based corn plastic trim. Imported. Read More
  • Bamboo USB Flash Drive By EcoBrander Promos

    Eco green swivel-style USB flash drive with casing made from natural and sustainable bamboo. Pricing for USB drives changes weekly - please contact us for current pricing. Imported. Read More
  • Banner Advertising By Fathom | Online Marketing

    Interested in a different form of online advertising? Fathom SEO presents Scoreboards, offering display ads - consisting of banner ads, skyscrapers, buttons and tiles - as well as text ads that can drive traffic to your website. Our team can help you produce top-notch ads on the Web, immediately... Read More
  • Banners & Banner Stands By MVP Visuals

    MVP Visuals' collection of banner stands encompasses everything needed for displaying vinyl, fabric, lightpole, and roll-up banners, including: classic banner stands; large adjustable banner stands; trapeze bars hanging banner displays; outdoor billboard banner stands; and pop-out banners. All... Read More
  • Baystation For Self Serve Bays By WashCard Systems

    WashCard is bringing you the latest technology in the self serve car wash industry. Loaded with features and backed by WashCard’s software. We have spent over 3 decades developing powerful loyalty car wash pay station software so your customers know they are appreciated. In addition, the... Read More
  • Beacon Custom Survey Software By Decipher Inc

    We’re passionate about empowering our clients. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce Beacon custom survey software—the most robust survey software available to research and CRM professionals. With an easy to navigate user-friendly interface and a whole suite of custom survey tools, you can... Read More
  • Behavior Tracking By LeadMD

    Open the window into your buyer’s behavior via buyer tracking. How often, how in depth and with what content to they interact? Couple this info with behavioral lead scoring, and you’ve got a sure-fire recipe for success. You’ll know just how far your potential buyer has traveled down the yellow... Read More
  • Being Profitable: The Earnings Growth Program By Accrue Performance Marketing Inc.

    If you're serious about starting or growing a company Being Profitable™: the earnings growth program will get you planning for profits. Being Profitable™ is a pre-marketing program that gets you thinking through your entire go-to-market plan in detail. This step-by-step how-to program will... Read More
  • Bid Management (PPC) By DaBrian Marketing Group, LLC

    We have an innovative Pay-Per-Click campaign management tool that helps you manage all your keywords and campaigns . Our visual interface provides all the metrics you need to analyze your PPC spend. For each keyword, see number of clicks, CPC, number of impressions, total cost, click-through... Read More
  • BigMAG Magnetic Coupon and Schedule Mailer By Magnetic Attractions

    BigMag™ combines the benefits of a magnetic postcard with magnet coupons, on a visually striking piece that can be prominently displayed on a customer’s refrigerator, locker, filing cabinet or any metal surface. Produced with a high-quality four-color process with a glossy UV finish, their... Read More
  • BIRT Analytics By OpenText Corp

    Business Analytics Software with Real-Time Visual Data Mining for Deeper Business Insights BIRT Analytics software delivers powerful business analytics for real-time visual data mining that uncovers trends, anomalies, and patterns for effective business intelligence. To get the most value out... Read More
  • BIRT Designers By OpenText Corp

    Powerful Report Development Software to Build Information Applications that Deliver Personalized Business Insights for End User Reporting Founded and co-led by Actuate, open source Eclipse BIRT Designer is used by over 3 million software developers. BIRT Designers epitomizes the ideal report... Read More
  • BIRT iHub Visualization Platform By OpenText Corp

    Build intuitive, secure, and scalable data visualizations that provide improved brand experiences and personalized analytics for your customers, partners, and employees. Read More
  • Blissful Wisdom Marketing Ebook By Allison Bliss Consulting

    Top level overview of how to make marketing work plus step-by-step tips for: Business Planning How to Prioritize Your Marketing How to Create Ads that Work How to Build a Massive Outreach List to Increase Sales How to Get Booked as a Paid Presenter 11 Steps to Create... Read More
  • Blog Content Writing Success Packages By Backbone Media, Inc.

    Backbonemedia offers blog content writing for HubSpot Owners & Marketers who need assistance developing and optimizing custom content for their blog or websites Read More
  • Blog Integration By Magic Logix , Inc.

    Blogging is an excellent way to expand your website content, increase your traffic, share your knowledge, and offer free advice or special deals to customers. With a built in Content Management System (CMS), you easily post updates, pictures and videos while encouraging interaction with your... Read More
  • BlueParrott Bluetooth Headsets By VXi Corporation

    Excessive noise calls for extreme solutions. Our BlueParrott Bluetooth headsets combine a high-performance noise-canceling microphone with our Xtreme Noise Suppression™ technology to let you hear and be heard, in spite of the most aggressive ambient noise. Models include: B250-XT+, Xpressway... Read More
  • Books By Hoover's

    Hoover's Business Press Whether you need information about: -America's corporate giants -Hard-to-research private enterprises -Rapidly growing up-and-comers -Top companies around the globe Hoover's provides objective editorial content combined with valuable financial information. Read More
  • Boomtrain | Intelligent Personalized Marketing Platform By Boomtrain

    Boomtrain’s technology is built upon the premise that a superior user experience drives not only engagement and performance lifts, it also builds greater long-term brand affinity. Greater brand affinity drives increased lifetime value and creates a tribe of users who are addicted to consuming... Read More
  • Brand Boost By MediaBrains Inc.

    Driving brand awareness on the Facebook or LinkedIn platform, and connecting with highly targeted ideal customers to build brand awareness. Services included with this program: -Custom creative services for design/development -Custom audience targeting campaign -Campaign management &... Read More
  • Brand Building By elevation marketing

    The various methodologies Canyon offers can help you cost-effectively develop your brand, whether it's just getting up and running, or if you want to enhance the strength of a familiar industry icon. Read More
  • Brand Building By David James Group

    To build a brand, we like to start with the basics. We like to do research, conduct interviews, scour the competition—all to match the truths that reside in your brand to a need in the market. We have a process for this that delivers an outstanding starting point. Then we start the work of... Read More
  • Brand Communications By RiechesBaird

    Brand Naming What’s in a name? When done right, a good name has gravity, subtext and style—all of which make it memorable and proprietary to your brand. At RiechesBaird you’ll find that brand naming is an in-house skill set that many other brand firms typically outsource. Companies,... Read More
  • Brand Creation / Evaluation / Management By Webolutions

    Webolutions' expertise in effective branding is an integral piece to our client's overall marketing program. Your brand is the representation of your company in the marketplace. Each time someone sees this brand, a message should come to mind. Bad branding creates a negative message, while good... Read More
  • Brand Defender™ By Position2 Inc.

    Brand Defender™ is a 24/7 online monitoring system that dynamically identifies unfavourable search results of your brand, and provides a pro-active reputation management solution that enables you to defend your brand image. Deep scan capability to monitor and defend your brand across blogs,... Read More
  • Brand Development By RB Marketing Communications

    RBMC develops compelling industrial and technology brands that communicate superior value, feature unique visual brand identities and can be differentiated against competition. Read More
  • Brand Development By Grant Marketing

    With our Focus 2020 brand development process, we help B2B companies uncover their brand distinction by interviewing internal and external stakeholders. We craft your brand message and execute a marketing plan to deliver that message to your targeted audience. Read More
  • Brand Development By Adventive Marketing, Inc.

    Our unique Brand Development process focuses on the identification of your true brand essence—what makes your brand totally unique in the market. This “essence” is obtained from a number of perspectives throughout your organization and is then further developed with visual and creative... Read More
  • Brand Equity Tracker By Brandgarten, Inc

    Brandgarten's Brand Equity Tracker will help your organization monitor it's ongoing branding efforts to ensure that it remains on it's brand message. Read More
  • Brand Framework By Phoenix Marketing Group

    Rise above your competition with a well thought out brand framework, a shared understanding of your brand and its personality to all of your audiences. Read More
  • Brand identity By DeSantis Breindel

    Creating the visual elements that communicate an organization’s brand strategy, including logo, color palette, typography, photographic and illustration style, and literature systems. Read More
  • Brand implementation By DeSantis Breindel

    Deploying the organization’s brand strategy and brand identity to all constituents across all communications media. Internal: brand film/book, intranet/onboarding, environmental branding, brand launch event External: website development, print and online advertising, marketing literature,... Read More
  • Brand Management By Adventive Marketing, Inc.

    We can help bring structure, purpose and order to your entire brand management system, including how your company and product sub-brands interact with each another. Our experts can also assist you with establishing your brand equity and monitoring any changes to this financial asset in the... Read More
  • Brand Marketing Coach Packages By Communication Strategy Group

    Communication Strategy Group can help your company achieve its daily, weekly and monthly brand marketing objectives with an on-call Brand Marketing Coach or Virtual Brandteller. We will hold regular, scheduled marketing meetings to help ensure that you are on-track, on-time and on-budget with... Read More
  • Brand Messaging By Creative Stream Marketing, LLC

    Everything you do is part of your brand messaging. Your clients or consumers choose you because they believe that you have what they want. They don’t believe this from an ad you’ve run, they believe it from the interactions they have with your business. They do not just want the services or... Read More
  • Brand Strategy By RiechesBaird

    Brand strategy is the process of identifying your brand’s most compelling unique attributes and combining them into a unique promise. A strong brand stands out from its category. It’s relevant to those who come into contact with it. And it’s believable, because it’s built on credibility and a... Read More
  • Brand strategy By DeSantis Breindel

    Defining an organization’s value proposition, differentiators, and key messages, based on quantitative and qualitative research and competitive analysis Read More
  • Brand Strategy & Development Services By Geile Leon Marketing Communications

    Strong brands embody your identity, and smart brands get results. Finding the balance and delivering it to your audience on a silver platter is our job. At G/L, we have over 20 years of brand development under our belts. So whether you’re the new brand on the block or a brand looking for a... Read More
  • Brand Strategy Development By Brandgarten, Inc

    At Brandgarten, we understand that companies don't make decisions, people do. And regardless of how rational they think they are, those decisions are based on fulfilling key emotional needs. Our full brand strategy project begina with an analysis of previous & current marketing efforts and a... Read More
  • Brand Touchpoint Manager™ By Position2 Inc.

    Brand Touchpoint Manager™ enhances your brand’s presence across online channels, helping you to maximize visibility, and influence your customers’ online behavior. Manages your brand across online touchpoints that include search engines, directories, blogs, social networks, web portals,... Read More
  • Brand Visibility By DIR Incorporated

    DIR Incorporated is an Internet Marketing Company that believes credible, well-crafted content has the power to change the attitudes and behaviors of your customers. Our social PR and social media content writers and editors combine journalistic skills with marketing, business, entertainment,... Read More
  • Branded Multi Cable Charger Adapters By Premier Promotional Products

    We have a huge range of promotional multi cable charger adaptors. A great promotional marketing gift that customers are likely to keep, helping to promote your logo and message for a long time! Read More
  • Branded secuirty USB flash drives By Bizgifts

    The IronKey secure hardware-encrypted flash drive protects your data, online passwords, and Internet privacy with hardware-based encryption. Now you can safely carry your digital files with you wherever you go and surf the Web privately through almost any network--even across unsecured wireless... Read More
  • Branded Umbrellas By Pink Lizard Promotions

    Yes, that’s right – we have hundreds of umbrellas to choose from which feature a host of branding options and special features. Choose from vented, telescopic, wooden handles and a range of print areas and colours. Perfect for events and gold days, umbrellas are a great way to show of your brand... Read More
  • Branding By Catalyst, Inc.

    We find the single most identifiable truth about your brand, and then wrap that truth in a personality and voice buyers can relate to. Read More
  • Branding By Millennium Integrated Marketing

    Millennium’s team knows that branding is more strategic than a logo and tagline; it must connect to target markets with the creation of an emotion or feeling, and should inspire action. Millennium can assist any new brand rollouts, new program offerings or special events that may warrant a brand... Read More
  • Branding By Veritas Marketing, LLC

    We provide brand name generation and logo development to position your company,services or products properly within the industry. Read More
  • Branding By Godfrey

    B2B branding is more than just logos, graphics and colors. These days, it’s about your personality – the look, feel and tone of your business. It’s also about conveying your company’s values to your audience so they will know the benefits of working with you. As an agency that specializes in all... Read More
  • Branding By Doremus

    We're specialists in a world of generalists. We think business and talk business to people in business. While other agencies focus exclusively on the marketing of the brand, we distinguish ourselves by focusing on the business of the brand, developing communication strategies across multiple... Read More
  • Branding - Logo Design By LW Marketing & Consulting

    Branding, Identity & Logos – Be Recognized Be the Brand Consumers Choose Branding and identity development is the foundation for today’s businesses. In fact, most consumers choose the brand-name supplier over the no-name supplier, and brand marketing causes the consumer to have this... Read More
  • Branding and Messaging By TriComB2B

    Consistent branding is important. Many companies in today’s competitive environment are forced to change and adapt their business objectives. Because of this, it’s more important than ever to look at your brand and messaging approach and make sure the unique value your company brings to the... Read More
  • Branding Insight + Strategy By LeapFrog Interactive

    + Brand Positioning and Strategy + Marketing Communication Strategy + E-Commerce, Mobile Commerce, Lead Generation and Loyalty Strategies + Brand and Digital Identity Audits + Target Market Identification + Analysis + Consumer Role, Profile and Ambassador Identification... Read More
  • Branding Program By Atomicdust

    Our branding program is where most of our new clients begin. It’s designed to help brands in times of growth and transition, usually when companies add products, services, leadership, or marketing that shift the direction of the organization. It’s a mixture of consulting, marketing, writing and... Read More
  • Branding Services By FliteHaus Creative Agency

    FliteHaus Creative Agency believes that our Clients' websites should are the cornerstone of their brands and marketing. We design and develop traditional collateral and advertising that traffics customers and potential customers to our Clients' websites and physical locations where they can best... Read More
  • Branding Studies By B2B International USA Inc

    Studies have shown that – on average – around 5% of a company’s stock value derives directly from the company’s image. Companies with a strong image or reputation attract more customers, retain more customers, and attract better employees. In short, branding is a key means of achieving... Read More
  • Brandtelling Packages By Communication Strategy Group

    Communication Strategy Group can help your company develop a strategic Brandtelling Platform with marketing recommendations based on your goals and objectives, target audience and budget. We will review existing marketing materials and meet with your organization’s management during our... Read More
  • BT:Engage By Brand Thunder LLC

    Browser themes regularly deliver: • More Site Traffic (8-12x increase) • More FB Page Views (20% users visit daily) • More User Engagement (over 90% CTR for campaigns) Brands like Bob Marley, College Network, The Huffington Post, NASCAR and many others already use browser... Read More
  • Budget Maestro By Budget Maestro by Centage

    Budget Maestro® by Centage is an easy-to-use and install, scalable, automated budgeting, planning, and forecasting application. It is designed for small to mid-market companies and automates many of the time-consuming and error-prone activities associated with using spreadsheets to generate... Read More
  • Business Branding & Graphic Design By Direct Allied Agency

    Our internet marketing agency is more effective at marketing our clients because we also designs original ads, brochures and logos in house. We have a keen eye for modern design and no matter what is needed, we can create it quickly. Direct Allied Agency takes a snapshot of a company brand and... Read More
  • Business Call Center By 1-800 We Answer

    Your organization needs to convey an impressive corporate image through your business call center. Callers listen to who you are, what you sound like, and what the type of person who answers your phones says about you. Your business can’t afford to be without a business call center, especially... Read More
  • Business Card Printing By Business Card Printing includes 3 styles of business cards, traditional paper business cards, high quality and long lasting plastic business cards, and full color magnet business cards. We understand that in some cases your business cards is your calling card to the business world,... Read More
  • Business Emails - Validation and Append By Sales Inside Inc

    Stay Connected with your B2B Prospects & Customers. Sales Inside Inc has and updated database of millions of global B2B contacts, another database of email topologies of all businesses and a proprietary email validation technology. We can take your customer names and match with our B2B database... Read More
  • Business Intelligence By Marketing Operations Partners

    To leverage business intelligence, integrate your array of data sources from a customer-centric perspective, with financial and operational perspectives secondary; monitor competitors by alternatives available to customers, not just industry players; anticipate customer impact of changes in... Read More
  • Business Leadership By Winsper

    Unlike traditional management consultants who only offer analysis and strategy, Winsper embraces getting "our hands dirty," and provides in-sourced management with 100% accountability. Assignments typically address major organizational gaps, whether it be current leadership, standing-up... Read More
  • Business Learning CDs By Communitelligence, Inc.

    LEARNING CD'S Categories Communication Leadership Communication Skills Crisis Communication / Planning Employee Communication - Engagement Intranet Insider Measurement / ROI Media / Public Relations Social Media Reputation / Branding... Read More
  • Business Lists By Marc Publishing & List Co

    Provide phone, Comp-name, addrs, city, ST, ZIP, Contact name , SIC code , Fax, web URL & much more. Read More
  • Business Lists By US Data Corporation

    With over 14 million business list records, US Data's Business File contains thousands of listings not available through other list providers. This multi-source database provides accurate and deliverable information from home-based businesses to key decision makers in Fortune 500 companies... Read More
  • Business Loan Prospects By Dataman Group Direct

    Business borrowers with a verified, history of UCC filings represent prime business loan prospects. The UCC Database is a valuable tool for banks and merchant cash providers to reach potential customers. A UCC Filing occurs when one business sells something to another business on credit. For... Read More
  • Business Mailing Lists By Marketing Lists Direct

    Our business mailing lists offer the highest level of accuracy and coverage with over 24 million business records. Compiled from multiple data sources such as telephone directories, government filings, business credit and annual reports, and with over 24 million phone calls made annually to... Read More
  • Business Mailing Lists (direct mail, email, telemarketing) By DMDatabases.Com

    Gain an edge by taking advantage of our multi-sourced business databases which offer greater coverage and accuracy than traditional single sourced files. Target by SIC codes, annual sales, years in business, number of employees, specific job titles, and countless other selections to refine your... Read More
  • Business to Business Advertising By AgencyAxis

    Our advertising services are comprehensive. In addition to conducting research, providing recommendations, producing creative, and managing your spend, we’ll create custom landing pages that act as destinations for the ads and employ best practices for brand awareness and lead... Read More
  • Business to Business Branding By AgencyAxis

    Your brand is your most treasured asset. You need a brand agency that can think big, and execute on your brand seamlessly. Our full range of branding services will get you etched in the mind of the B2B consumer. Brand Strategy Brand Development Brand Identity Brand Standards Brand... Read More
  • Business to business email marketing By AgencyAxis

    In-boxes are inundated with email. To get through the clutter, messages must be highly relevant. Our turn-key email services ensure content is on target, and that a proper mix of best practices and technology are applied for maximum deliverability and tracking. Email Campaigns Event... Read More
  • Business to Business Lead Generation By AgencyAxis

    B2B lead generation services can take the form of integrated one-time campaigns, or sustained efforts through your website, SEO and customer relationship management. Either way, we can help. Strategic Services Lead Qualification and Offer Development. List Development Lead Generation... Read More
  • Business to Business Mailing Lists By Dataman Group Direct

    Find fresh customers fast with Dataman Group's Business to Business Mailing Lists!! This is your opportunity to pick the group of businesses that will work best for your business! We have everything from new business mailing lists to small business mailing lists and more. The List Professionals... Read More
  • Business to Business Website Design By AgencyAxis

    Our web design team includes both architects and visual designers. We don’t leave both functions to one discipline as many web designers would. We round out the design with sound strategy, research, search engine optimization, and a deeply technical development team. That means you get a website... Read More
  • Business Transformation By SMITH

    Discover emerging opportunities awaiting your brand in this real-time world of ecommerce. Market opportunity and vision Business model design across users, communities, and marketplaces Technology infrastructures, architecture, and services strategy Scenario planning workshops Read More
  • Buyer Personas By LeadMD

    Speak to buyers in their language, in their timing, towards their felt need, and you’ll be one step closer to closing the sale. Isn’t a superb feeling when someone just gets you? Your potential buyers are no different; they crave to be understood. Uncover buyer needs. We identify your best... Read More
  • Buying Process Acceleration By Marketing Operations Partners

    To accelerate revenue generation, align your sales process with your customers’ buying process; ensure consistent goals between marketing and sales teams; validate lead qualification; and optimize close ratios. How we can help you adopt best practices: * Align sales efforts with customer... Read More