Ologie Becomes a 100% Employee-Owned Company

Press Release from Ologie, LLC

Transition reinforces the company's employee-centered culture and focus on purpose-driven work in education

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Ologie, Inc., announced the transfer of all of its stock into an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), making the company 100 percent employee owned. The company's shareholders and board of directors, including original founder Bev Ryan and partner Bill Faust, approved the transaction on October 31 with the intent of further strengthening its commitment to its employees and client partners, and to advancing education.

"I couldn't be happier or more excited for our people about this next chapter," said Ologie founder and CEO Bev Ryan. "The move to an ESOP demonstrates our commitment to them, allowing them to take part in our future success, while also continuing as the fiercely independent agency that we've always been."

The shift to employee ownership will help preserve Ologie's flexibility and sustainability as an independent company. There are no planned changes to Ologie's management structure or day-to-day operations, and the conversion to an ESOP will not impact Ologie's work with its clients.

"We're extremely proud that we have maintained so many long-term relationships — some who have hired us many times as they become leaders at different institutions throughout their career," said Bill Faust, president of Ologie. "This move reinforces that we're fully invested and committed to delivering smart, creative work that helps our partners solve their biggest challenges for years to come."

Ologie is a branding and marketing agency with more than 80 employees across the U.S. The company is a national market leader, working primarily within education to help colleges, universities and private K-12 schools, while partnering with adjacent organizations in the arts and culture space.

"This is a milestone moment in Ologie's history," said Ryan. "This transition is a natural progression for us: it reinforces our culture, ensures that we'll continue to serve our clients in the best way possible, and supports our company's long-term sustainability."

To learn more about Ologie, visit www.ologie.com

About Ologie, Inc. 
Ologie is one of the top branding and marketing agencies in the country focused on education. We help organizations build their reputations, recruit new students, and gain philanthropic support. By building distinctive brands and campaigns, we create breakthrough work that moves people to take action.

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