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Brilliant new stamp celebrates the Jewish Festival of Lights

TORONTO, Nov. 5, 2020 /CNW/ - Today, Canada Post issued a new commemorative stamp to mark Hanukkah – the Jewish Festival of Lights. The eight-day celebration begins at nightfall on the 25th day of Kislev in the Hebrew calendar, this year December 10. The stamp is available in advance, so Canadians can use it to send holiday greetings.

About Hanukkah

Derived from the Hebrew word for dedication, Hanukkah celebrates the miracle that took place following the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem – Judaism's holiest site – after the Jewish people reclaimed it from their oppressors around 165 BCE. The victors found only one day's worth of oil for the Temple menorah, which was required to remain lit at all times. Yet the sacred light burned for eight days, until the new oil supply arrived.

To mark this extraordinary occurrence, Jewish families in Canada and around the world kindle an eight-branched candelabra called a hanukkiyah, or menorah, often placing it in a window.

About the stamp

Designed by Entro Communications, the stamp features a stylized menorah against a bright yellow background. Printed by Colour Innovations, the Permanent™ domestic rate stamp is available in a booklet of 10 stamps and affixed to an Official First Day Cover.

Stamps and collectibles can be found at canadapost.ca/shop.

Follow these links for high-resolution images and additional information in Details magazine (or click here).

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