Use Table Displays Holders with Security Devices!

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It's one thing to display your tablets—iPads and Samsung Galaxy tablets—in glass cabinets, but most consumers want to see, feel and play a bit with these electronics before they buy them. Now you can take those tablets out of display cases and use tablet display racks and stands that have security systems to prevent theft.


From Standard to the Very Techie!


Of course at Metropolitan Display we do offer standard acrylic tablet holders for retailers that prefer this style but we also offer the innovative and imaginative! Here are just some of our favorite table display racks and stands that have security systems:



Wall Mount or Counter Top iPad Kiosk Display – We love this locking iPad display holder and it's easy to install and has a Tryten five-pin pick-resistant locking mechanism. The charging and audio cables fit inside nicely and it even has custom keying options. Perfect for mall kiosks and in-store displays.



iPad Kiosk Counter Mount Display Holder  – This is an industrial grade iPad tablet display and the height is adjustable. It can hold iPad versions 2, 3 and 4 and has a pivot and turn feature. Cables pass through the counter and remain out of view and again, this tablet rack includes a top-grade security device. This is made in the USA and comes with a 10-year warranty.



Aluminum Pro Samsung Galaxy Display Floor Stand – With its square base, this Galaxy Samsung display holder stands 37-inches in height. It comes in both black and silver and fits Galaxy 10.1 tablets. Again, anti-theft security hardware comes with this tablet holder and it also has an integrated USB cable and plug. Get a few of these to showcase the tablets themselves or to show your in-store promotions.



EuroPad Lounge Pad Counter Style iPad Holder – Own a coffee shop or Internet café? If so, this iPad tablet holder rack is not only secured by a lock, it can be passed from user to user. Attached to a tethered cable it's easily handed to a buddy, fits nicely on laps and is designed for interaction in casual settings. Available in white, black and custom colors for larger runs.


Full Line-Up


Of course we offer many more tablet display racks and stands that have security systems so check out our product inventory!  The uses for these table racks are endless and the anti-theft security systems means no matter what the use, your iPads and Galaxy tablets are safe.


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