SAS New Analytics Experience provides new approaches to big data challenges

Press Release from SAS Institute Inc.

Global tour explores how analytics platforms can help organizations meet most important business needs

Cary, NC (Jun 17, 2015)

As more and more devices connect to the Internet of Things, data from computer networks, home thermostats, factory sensors, personal wearables, smart meters and even pets comes flooding in. But without a way to handle and make sense of it, all that data is useless.

Analytics leader SAS is kicking off a multi-city global tour focused on the New Analytics Experience, which explores the latest analytics-driven approaches to today’s big-data complexities.

“Organizations continue to face the challenge of efficiently and effectively capturing and using ever-growing amounts of data,” said Jim Davis, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of SAS. “They struggle to fight fraud and cybercrime, understand their customers, improve product quality, and more. The New Analytics Experience will help them by presenting analytical approaches that quickly turn big, streaming, complex data into better business decisions. With the size and velocity of today’s data, traditional methods no longer apply.”

Experts on the New Analytics Experience tour will explore how businesses can benefit from advanced analytics, powerful hardware platforms, and the ability to bring the analytics to the data in Hadoop.

The New Analytics Experience recognizes that making sense of data is now a part of how people work. It’s no longer the exclusive domain of quantitative experts. Instead managers, IT analysts, executives and data scientists are all experiencing the world of big data analytics.

During each one-day event on the New Analytics Experience tour, attendees will:

  • Learn how to embrace all data, regardless of size, complexity, or how fast it’s created.
  • Talk with analytics and Hadoop experts.
  • Hear from organizations using analytics to create value from big data.
  • Network with peers.


Hadoop, one of the highlighted technologies on the New Analytics Experience tour, provides not only cost-effective big-data storage, but an architecture for processing that data. SAS can run its analytics inside Hadoop, including in-memory distributed processing.

Working with partners like Cloudera and Hortonworks, SAS and its SAS ®   Solutions for Hadoop help organizations maximize the value of their data investments through big data analytics, data management and visualization.

New Analytics Experience tour locations and dates:

  • Chicago - June 23  
  • New York City - July 14
  • Santa Clara, Calif. - July 28
  • Toronto - Sept. 29
  • Sao Paolo - Oct. 20
  • Rome - Nov. 10
  • London - Nov. 12
  • Frankfurt, Germany – Jan. 2016
  • Amsterdam – Jan. 2016

The New Analytics Experience tour is sponsored by SAS partners Intel, Cloudera and Hortonworks. Learn more and sign up for your spot at “The New Analytics Experience.”

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