Home Improvement Spending Rising in 2015

Press Release from Dataman Group Direct


According to industry reports Home Improvement Spending is due to rise 6% in 2015 from $307.1 billion to $325.5 billion. An improved housing market, strong home appreciation and more moderate price inflation are all main contributors.



With over a quarter TRILLION Dollars expected to be spent over the next 12 months for home remodeling, what are the main things consumers are looking for in hiring a contractor?


With more and more information being available on the web, homeowners are educating themselves on improvements more than ever. Home Improvement Companies with a large on-line presence and serious ad placement are grabbing the lion's share of the business.




Homeowners are seeking out customer opinions online and looking for a solid track record before committing; so it is important to leverage positive client feedback on social media as well as handle negative reviews in a professional matter.


Many Homeowners are now remodeling their home instead of selling. Targeting homeowners going through lifestyle changes offers marketers the ability to target their marketing dollars to the best possible group. Success comes from tailoring the message and photos to the specific prospect group and using the right copy to make the case.


Dataman Group Direct in Boca Raton FL helps Home Improvement companies target the right rennovation prospects for their products. Reaching the right homeowners at the right time is key for success.



Since pricing is also a huge influence in the decision making process, it is important to have a compelling offer so the customer feels they are getting something for responding to the promotion.



Marketers need to make sure their marketing pieces have promotions with an expiration date to ensure potential customers respond in a timely fashion.




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