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980 Wlather Blvd., Suit 732
Lawrenceville, GA 30043
About 3na Inc.
  • 3NA is an Atlanta Internet Marketing Company that provides high-quality search engine marketing and pay per click management services, offering economical marketing solutions. Our Atlanta SEM internet marketing company uses the latest search engine marketing techniques to help your site stay at the top of search results. Contact an 3NA Atlanta SEM Internet Marketing consultant today at lore@3na.com for a free consultation and see how beneficial search engine marketing can be! Atlanta SEM: While ethical search engine optimization may take a little longer than using unethical "Black Hat SEO" tricks, it is ultimately more stable in the end. We manage not only the content of the site, but also specialize in Pay Per Click Management. If you choose our internet marketing services, we will walk through our Atlanta internet marketing services with you to help you understand the importance of search engine marketing (SEM). We believe this is the best way to harness the power of the internet, because people who have actively typed in a search term are more likely to be qualified leads than someone who blindly clicks on a banner ad on an unrelated site. Imagine... You have just built the grandest hotel in the world, complete with the most beautiful views and the finest amenities. It is exactly what people want when they are looking for most memorable resort experience they have ever had. But in its first month, there are no visitors…why? It is not because your hotel is not luxurious enough. It is because you forgot to build roads that lead to it! No one knows it exists. Now picture your website. You may have the best products or services in the world, but if no one can find your website among the literally billions that exist, how will anyone know about it? When the Internet first began, there was an “If you build it, they will come” mentality about websites. Now that the dust is settling a bit, it has become obvious that some websites drive a great deal more traffic than others. With various iterations of the word “Google” popping up everywhere in global lexicons, it is evident that Google, Yahoo, and other Search Engines are fast becoming the most popular ways to find information. Search Engine Marketing & Pay Per Click Management | Our SEM Company. 3NA is an Atlanta SEM company that knows how these search engines work and use that knowledge with our internet marketing services to help our clients perform well for any search that may be relevant to what they have to offer. When potential customers find your website though a conscious search, and it has what they are looking for, they are much more likely to buy than if they see a banner ad on an unrelated site. We are all about taking businesses to the next level via the power of Search. Our Internet Marketing company uses search engine optimization marketing methods that are completely legitimate; we don’t try to “trick” the search engines to increase traffic – a common practice that can potentially get a website banned. We spend a great deal of time creating the proper content for a website that increases its relevancy amongst its competitors. The process takes a little longer than “cheating,” but the results are much more stable and will lend credibility to your site. Email an SEM Specialist at 3NA today and experience a surge of web site traffic with the stealthiest SEM service on the web! If you would like a free SEM consultation with one of our search engine optimization specialists, contact an SEM expert today at lore@3na.com, or request a Search Engine Marketing Quote.
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